When you want to setup a limestone pellets plant commercially, a reasonable design is important. It not only can make your limestone granules production more smoothly but also is beneficial for reducing the cost of limestone pellets production. Here, SX fertilizer equipment factory can help you a lot. We provide you with area division, limestone pellets production line drawing, suitable equipment, required area, etc. In addition, if you have any other requirements about limestone granules plant design, you also can contact us for solutions.


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How Many Parts are Contained in a Limestone Pellets Plant?

For limestone pellets plant design, it is necessary to know how many parts it contains. In general, it consists of three areas at least. Material area, limestone granules making system workshop and finished limestone pellet products storage area.

Material Area

Usually, material for limestone granules preparation has 1 type: mined limestone rocks. For prevent over moisture content, it is advisable to keep raw materials indoors. But sometimes, you cannot achieve it, especially during large scale limestone pellets manufacturing which has more limestone rocks. At that time, you can build a shed for outdoor storage (as shown below). Then you can choose our wet granulation granulator, which requires materials water content of 20%-40%. Pan pelletizer or rotary drum granulator.

raw material preparation for limestone
limestone pellets plant workshop

Limestone Pellets Production Line Workshop

In limestone granules plant, one of the most important areas is space for limestone pellets production line equipment. For this, we recommend you build a workshop to accommodate it. This can reduce the outside influences of rain, snow, big wind, etc on your limestone pellets production process. So you can prepare limestone granules more smoothly.

Final Limestone Pellets Products Storage Area

Finally, you also need to set up a storage area for the final limestone granules you prepare. Because after completing limestone pellets making, it is impossible to transport fertilizer sell immediately every time. Therefore, you need a place to store finished limestone granules temporarily at least.

limestone pellets storage area

How Many Areas Does a Limestone Granules Making Factory Cover?

Besides limestone pellets function area division, it is dispensable to know the area coverage in limestone granules plant design. Then both material area and final pellets area are related to output simply. The smaller the capacity, the smaller the area needed. However, for the occupation area of limestone pellets production line, you also need to consider the method and equipment you choose.

If you have a workshop which is big enough for disposing of limestone rocks, our limestone granules manufacturing line is an excellent choice for you. In general, a complete limestone pellets making line consists of batching machine, crusher, mixer, limestone granulator, rotary dryer, cooler and automatic packaging equipment. Therefore, this system needs an area of 800-5760 m2. The precise parameters should be determined by your capacity, equipment configuration, etc.

What Can SX Do for your Limestone Pellets Plant Setup?

SX delivery site for limestone pellets

As your good partner, SX can provide you with suitable equipment for the whole process of limestone pellets manufacturing. We will offer you limestone pellets plant design according to your actual conditions and requirements of material, capacity, area, equipment, etc. What’s more, the workers in our factory have professional certificates and can guarantee the quality of the equipment. And the equipment will also be secured with steel wires to prevent damage when shipped. If you need it, we still have a small amount in stock for you to choose from, inquired us for details!

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