Zeolite Pellets Granulating Machine for Sale

Zeolite pellets granulating machine for sale can make zeolite into high quality pellets for use. I is the general term for zeolite minerals, which is a kind of hydrous alkali or alkaline earth metal aluminosilicate minerals. Nowadays, people have found more than 80 kinds of zeolite, and they both have rich calcium, sodium etc. nutrition elements. Therefore, zeolite pellets, and granulating machine for making them have a wide application.

Generally speaking, in industry, our granulating machine can make zeolite pellets as adsorbents, ion exchangers and catalysts in gas drying, purification and sewage treatment. Besides, in agriculture, our granulating machine can make zeolite pellets into feed to animal’s growth and development. What’s more, the machine can also make pellets to improve land’s loosening and compaction.

Here we are going to know more details about our zeolite pellets granulating machine for sale, which includes the content of granulating machine models, working procedure, a real production case, economic benefits, and production items for your reference.


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Suitable Types of Granulating Equipment to Make Zeolite Pellets

In our factory, our professional new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum churning granulator, drum granulation machine, disc granulator, double roller granulator, and flat die granulating machine. Now we mainly recommend disc granulating machine and double roller granulator machine for you.

How Do Granulators Work for Making Qualified Zeolite Pellets?

To make qualified zeolite pellets, it usually go through these procedures: grinding process, granulating process, drying and cooling process, screening process, and packaging process.

Before granulation, it is necessary to use our new type vertical crusher to turn zeolite into powdery. Our new type vertical crusher can crush raw materials efficiently. It will crush large blocks, which is helpful to granulate pellets later.

In the granulating process, we can take disc granulator and double roller granulation machine for two examples.

How does disc granulator turn zeolite into pellets?

The raw material: powder zeolite is mixed evenly by pre-adding water, and then put into the pan. With the rotation of the pan, the materials gradually roll in the pan and form spherical shape pellets. After reaching a predetermined diameter, it is discharged out of the pan and then transported to the next process.

How does double roller granulator turn zeolite into pellets?

Firstly, you can add materials from the feed hopper. And then, double roller press granulator rollers extrude pellets and release them from the mold. They form a pellet through two semi-balls’ combination. Thirdly, pellets fall into the crushing chamber. Under the force of the drive shaft, a chain drives two maces to rotate for separating the extruded but cohesive particles.

Because disc granulation machine adopts wet granulation. The formed pellets’ moisture is about 45%. It will be difficult for storage and transport the formed pellets for sale. Therefore, it is necessary to use our drum drying and cooling machines to control the moisture under the package standard.

However, if granulating machine adopts dry granulation method, like double roller granulator, it will omit the procedures pf drying and cooling. Because the moisture is low for package standard. There is no need to dry, or cool the formed pellets.

After granulation, it is also important to use drum screening machine to screen the unqualified pellets. They may unqualified in pellets’ size, or in density etc., out screening machine can screen them and then, convey them to the production procedures before to granulate again.

Now it’s time to package the qualified pellets for commercial. We have single or double bucket automatic packing machine for choosing. Besides, we also have automatic palletizer to help you convey the bags of zeolite pellets.

Economic Values by Using Our Zeolite Granules Making Machine

Industry market has a large demand for zeolite pellets making machine.

Zeolite has the properties of adsorption, ion exchange, catalysis, acid resistance and heat resistance, so it is widely used as adsorbent, ion exchanger and catalyst. Besides, it can also be used in drying, purification of gas and sewage treatment. Thus, industry market has a large demand for zeolite pellets’ production. By using our granulating machine, you can make zeolite pellets with these usages for sale.

granulator makes zeolite pellets for agriculture use
granulator makes zeolite pellets for industry use

Agriculture has a large demand for zeolite pellets granulating machine.

Zeolites also have “nutritive” value. Generally, adding 5% zeolite powder in the feed can accelerate the growth of poultry and livestock. What’s more, we can also granulate zeolite pellet as a soil conditioner in agriculture. It can keep land’s fertilizer and water. Besides, it will also prevent pests and diseases significantly. Therefore, with such a large demand of zeolite pellets, our granulating machine will play an important role for gaining economic benefits.

Formula for Granulation Machine Making Zeolite Granule in Raising Pigs

Granulation machine can makes zeolite pellets for raising pigs according to formula. Through scientific studies and practices, containing 50% calcium formate, 8% formic acid and 42% natural clinoptilolite of feed addictive will helpful to the pigs’ growth and development:

granulated zeolite pellets for raising pigs
  • Adding 1.5% of the above-mentioned additives in the feed can make the animals of the test group gain 13.4 kg in the first month, while the corresponding body weight gain of the control group is 8.3 kg;

  • The daily gain of the test group is 0.47 kg, while that of the control group is 0.29 kg;

  • The feed-to-meat ratio of the test group was 3.13, while that of the control group was 4.7.

Therefore, during the zeolite pellets’ production procedure, we can batch the important raw material: zeolite with other material at a certain proportion to improve the zeolite pellets’ function further.

Besides, more formulas for zeolite pellets’ granulation can be used and made according to the type, purity, geographical source, physical and chemical properties of zeolite, the proportion in feed, and the feed and environmental conditions required. Therefore, you can have much more chances and benefits in granulating zeolite pellets for sale.

2 Important Production Items in Making Zeolite Pellets by Our Granulating Machine

As our disc granulation equipment adopts wet granulation, drying and cooling procedure are necessary. However, according to the special characteristics of zeolite pellets, the drying temperature also has requirements.

The temperature of roasting should be at 500-650℃ (600℃ is especially good). It not only reaches sintering requirement, but also guarantee that the crystal structure of zeolite is not destroyed. The zeolite is activated at 600 °C, which can greatly improve the adsorption capacity.

We can turn zeolite into pellets for commercial use. Instead, they can also as addictive to add into the fertilizer’s granulation, which is suitable for various fertilizers such as: blended fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, granular phosphate fertilizers, compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

Practice proves that the fertilizer produced by adding zeolite powder has a significant effect. It has the characteristics of fast granulation, less return material, good hardness, uniform granules, not easy to agglomerate, small ammonia smell etc.

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