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zeolite particles granulating machine

Do you want to make more profits from zeolite recycling? Are you looking for a project for making zeolite rocks into high quality pellets? Take action and turn zeolite rocks into granules! In this process, it is necessary to choose a suitable zeolite pellets granulating machine. In order to fully meet your requirements, YSX not only design various zeolite pellets making machines for your choice, but also setup different zeolite granulation lines to help you finish zeolite pellets smoothly. Are they affordable for you? Of course, as a leading fertilizer equipment company, we will offer you zeolite granulation machines and business plans at a favourable price!


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What equipment can you use to process zeolite more suitable for granulation?

Usually, it is not advisable to process zeolite rocks with the granulator directly. So you need to dispose of zeolite rocks in advance. There are two machines as follows:

Top 3 zeolite pellets granulation machines for your choice

As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we can provide you with various mineral pellets granulation machines for zeolite processing. Among them, there are 3 types of zeolite granules pelletizers that are popular with granular zeolite manufacturers. They have different features and are suitable for different occasions, you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Rotary Drum Granulation Machine for Large Scale Zeolite Pellets Making

If you plan to make a large scale zeolite pellets, rotary drum pelletizer is your best choice. Besides water adding device, this machine also upgrades its corrosion resistance. It is equipped with rubber lining and clean holes. So it can even withstand the corrosion caused by making 30 tons of zeolite particles per hour So most zeolite pellets manufacturers prefer to purchase it for large scale zeolite granulation.

zeolite pellets drum granulator
zeolite granules disc pelletizer

Disc Granulator for Small Zeolite Granulation

When you need a wet mineral pellets granulator for small scale zeolite pellets making, we recommend you choose disc granulation equipment. It is not only because this machine has an output of 1-6 t/h, but also because it has a high granulation rate (over 93%). Moreover, in order to help you finish wet granulation of zeolite smoothly. We design a spray device above the disc, so you can adjust the moisture content of zeolite pellet making in an easier way.

Extrusion Granulator for Commercial Zeolite Pellets Production

Is there a simpler zeolite granules pelletizer, which needs a lower investment? Of course. Double roller granulation machine. It adopts dry granulation method, which means that only the water content of zeolite pellets is lower than 10%, you can start zeolite granulation without moisture content adjustment. It is the same as in subsequent processing of granular zeolite. Hence, you can reduce the cost of drying and cooling.

zeolite pellets double roller granulator

How to choose a suitable zeolite pellets granulating machine in SX?

What can you do to further improve the quality of zeolite pellets?

Is the granulator the end point of zeolite pellets production? The answer is no. After granulation, you can further improve the quality of zeolite pellets by the following steps:

In general, if you want to make the final zeolite granules have a beautiful appearance, polishing machine can help you a lot. Because your zeolite granules are continuously polished by the rotating drum in the polishing machine until the surface is smooth. And zeolite pellets also have a  higher competitiveness.

This process is designed to remove any oversized or undersized pellets, ensuring that only properly sized pellets are used for corresponding application. In this way, zeolite pellets you make can provide evenly and efficiently.

For processing zeolite rocks with wet granulation method, it is essential to focus on moisture content control. Generally, after wet granulating, the water content of zeolite particle will be increased. But different applications may have different requirements for the moisture content of zeolite particles. So you need to buy dryer and cooler to further dry zeolite granules.

Do you want to produce zeolite pellets with a long application effect? If your answer is yes, add a coating machine to your zeolite pellets granulating machines list. Because coating machine can create a protective film to prevent nutrient loss and slow down the release speed.

Finally, you also need to buy a pellets packaging machine for your zeolite pellet making project. Because after bagging, the zeolite granules are more convenient to transport, store and use.

What is the layout of making zeolite pellets?

If you want to make large scale zeolite pellets, you can set up a zeolite pellets production line. This whole zeolite pellets plant can help you produce zeolite granules conveniently and increase the quality of zeolite granules.

zeolite drum granulation line

Zeolite Pellets Plant Setup

Process of setting up a zeolite pellets plant in YSX

disc granulation fertilizer making plant for zeolite pellets

Zeolite Disc Pelletizer Production Line

Disc pelletizer as a main granulator in zeolite granulation plant

What is the cost of your zeolite pellets granulation lines?

The price usually plays an important role in zeolite pellets granulation line. Then in items of cost, our zeolite granulation plant can be divided into three parts:

$ 102,311 zeolite granulation line

If your budget for granular zeolite manufacturing is lower than $ 102,311, double roller granulator is the optimum option for you. And combing it with small feeder, crusher, mixer, screener and bagging equipment, you can setup a zeolite pellets granulation line with a low investment.

$ 134,709-$ 213,310 zeolite pellets making line

But provided you have prepared $ 134,709-$ 213,310 for turning zeolite into granules, we recommend you buy disc granulation line. It can improve the quality of your zeolite pellets in appearance and hardness.

$ 213,310-$ 500,000 zeolite particles production line

For those who plan to invest $ 213,310-$ 500,000 in zeolite particles production line, you can choose rotary drum pellet making line. It is the best choice to process a large amount of zeolite into pellets in a short time.

Economic Values by Using Our Zeolite Granules Making Machine

Industry market has a large demand for zeolite pellets making machine

Zeolite has the properties of adsorption, ion exchange, catalysis, acid resistance and heat resistance, so it is widely used as adsorbent, ion exchanger and catalyst. Besides, it can also be used in drying, purification of gas and sewage treatment. Thus, industry market has a large demand for zeolite pellets’ production. By using our granulating machine, you can make zeolite pellets with these usages for sale.

granulator makes zeolite pellets for agriculture use
granulator makes zeolite pellets for industry use

Agriculture has a large demand for zeolite pellets granulating machine

Zeolites also have “nutritive” value. Generally, adding 5% zeolite powder in the feed can accelerate the growth of poultry and livestock. What’s more, we can also granulate zeolite pellet as a soil conditioner in agriculture. It can keep land’s fertilizer and water. Besides, it will also prevent pests and diseases significantly. Therefore, with such a large demand of zeolite pellets, our granulating machine will play an important role for gaining economic benefits.

Formula for Granulation Machine Making Zeolite Granule in Raising Pigs

Granulation machine can makes zeolite pellets for raising pigs according to formula. Through scientific studies and practices, containing 50% calcium formate, 8% formic acid and 42% natural clinoptilolite of feed addictive will helpful to the pigs’ growth and development:

granulated zeolite pellets for raising pigs
  • Adding 1.5% of the above-mentioned additives in the feed can make the animals of the test group gain 13.4 kg in the first month, while the corresponding body weight gain of the control group is 8.3 kg;

  • The daily gain of the test group is 0.47 kg, while that of the control group is 0.29 kg;

  • The feed-to-meat ratio of the test group was 3.13, while that of the control group was 4.7.

Therefore, during the zeolite pellets’ production procedure, we can batch the important raw material: zeolite with other material at a certain proportion to improve the zeolite pellets’ function further.

Besides, more formulas for zeolite pellets’ granulation can be used and made according to the type, purity, geographical source, physical and chemical properties of zeolite, the proportion in feed, and the feed and environmental conditions required. Therefore, you can have much more chances and benefits in granulating zeolite pellets for sale.

2 Important Production Items in Making Zeolite Pellets by SX Granulating Machine

As our disc granulation equipment adopts wet granulation, drying and cooling procedure are necessary. However, according to the special characteristics of zeolite pellets, the drying temperature also has requirements.

The temperature of roasting should be at 500-650℃ (600℃ is especially good). It not only reaches sintering requirement, but also guarantee that the crystal structure of zeolite is not destroyed. The zeolite is activated at 600 °C, which can greatly improve the adsorption capacity.

We can turn zeolite into pellets for commercial use. Instead, they can also as addictive to add into the fertilizer’s granulation, which is suitable for various fertilizers such as: blended fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, granular phosphate fertilizers, compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

Practice proves that the fertilizer produced by adding zeolite powder has a significant effect. It has the characteristics of fast granulation, less return material, good hardness, uniform granules, not easy to agglomerate, small ammonia smell etc.

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