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In general, when you plan to prepare bentonite granules, there are some aspects that are popular with bentonite pellets manufactures. They are types of bentonite fertilizer, bentonite granules manufacturing process, bentonite granules making machine,etc. If you clearly know these aspects, which can help you to make high quality bentonite granules. You can choose one type of bentonite pellets to produce according to your budget, factory area, material, etc. If you have any requirements, you can contact us immediately for solutions. We can provide you with customized bentonite granules plant design.


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How to Choose Different Types of Bentonite for your Bentonite Granules Manufacturing?

For bentonite granules preparation, the first step is type of bentonite granules selection. For this, you need to focus on it when choosing the type for bentonite granules production.

Bentonite Granules Making Types

Bentonite granules making is prepare fertilizer which contains sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite and organic bentonite. Then what properties can these three bentonites provide in you fertilizer making process?

If you want to make bentonite granules with more performance, you can choose this type of pellets to make. Because this type of bentonite granules has swellability, cohesiveness, adsorption and catalytic properties.

When you want to produce bentonite particles with many functions, this type of pellets is excellent option for you. Because it can be used as a catalyst, binder, decolorizer, adsorbent and thickener for various production.

Then for used as anti-sedimentation agent, thickener, dyeing auxiliaries, you prepare organic bentonite pellets to make.

bentonite pellets

How to Make Powder Chemical Materials into Activated Acid Bentonite Pellets ?

If you plan to prepare activated acid bentonite granules, which can help you make more profits. Our activated acid bentonite granules manufacturing line is an ideal choice for you. Because it can help you make powder activated acid bentonite into granules quickly and easily. Then what is the design of activated acid bentonite pellets plant?

bentonite vertical type crusher

Chemical Material Crusher

The finer the chemical powder, the better the final activated acid bentonite pellets(moisture of 25%) quality. Therefore, a suitable crusher is necessary for your activated acid bentonite fertilizer making. Here, vertical type crusher is excellent choice for you.

Drying Powder Activated Acid Bentonite

Because the moisture content of activated acid bentonite is about 25%, but it is required that the moisture content should drop below 6% for subsequent production. So you can use a dryer to remove excessive moisture.

drying bentonite fertilizer

Raymond Mill System to Powder

The finer the powder, the better the granules produced. So you need to use the Raymond mill system to further grind the dried powder to 200 mesh.

Reactor to Mixing

Then you can put this ground powder into the reactor. Add water and acid, stir them well and heat to 90-100°C for reaction.

Solid Liquid Separator

After that you can put the reacted slurry in a dehydrator to separate the solid from the liquid. The remaining solid materials are used for subsequent granulation production.

Because the moisture of the material just dehydrated is still very large, which is not conducive to granulation. So you still have to dry them to below 6% moisture. Then use the Raymond mill system to grind to 400 mesh. The following can be officially granulated. Disc pelletizer and rotary drum granulator are both excellent machines for your choices.

When you start activated acid bentonite granulation with disc granulator or rotary drum pelletizer. You’d better use the dryer and cooler to remove excessive moisture from you pellets.

Provided you want to make activated acid bentonite granules continuously, an automatic bagging machine is necessary. It can help you finish activated acid bentonite pellets packaging quickly and easily, so you can deliver it to your customers in a short time.

How to make bentonite pellets with different granulation method?

We have three fertilizer granulators to make bentonite pellets, which employ wet and dry granulation method.

Disc pelletizer to make small scale bentonite granules

If the moisture content of bentonite materials is high, you can choose plate pelletizer. It is a wet granulator, which can accept the raw materials whose moisture content is about 25%. And you just need to feed bentonite powders from the feeding port. Then the rotating disk will granulate them into pellets because of the centrifugal force. In addition, if you need, you can spray water or binders into the materials when it works. The scraper inside the disc pan granulating machine is also helpful.

Because it enables you to process raw materials smoothly and efficiently. What’s more, the finished pellets will be complete without breakage. Because there are the flanged edge in its disc section. For your information, if you use it for large scale bentonite granules production, it is necessary for you to equip with a drying machine and rotary cooler. These two machines can help your bentonite granules in a better status for your commercial use.

Double roller granulator at a low invest for bentonite pellets making

bentonite pellets extrusion machine

When you prepare to produce bentonite pellets at a low cost, we recommend you extrusion machine. Because it adopts dry granulation method, which reduce the cost of drying and cooling. And it needs the moisture of material about 5%. In addition, it can produce 1-2 t/h bentonite granules. So if you want to make small scale bentonite pellets, this machine is also suitable for you. Then the granules diameter is about 3-10 mm, you can adjust the size of roller skin to change the size of final product.

Rotary drum granulation machine for large scale bentonite granules production

How to make bentonite powder into pellet in a large scale? Using rotary drum granulation machine is an ideal choice. Besides models for small scale granulation, we also design various types of drum granulators for mass production of bentonite granules. For example, when you want to produce 8-15 tons of pellets per hour, we can provide you with SXZG-2080. Moreover, for larger scale fertilizer pellets manufacturing, you can choose SXZGZ-3210, which has capacity of 15-30 t/h. Usually, this pellet making machine can bentonite powder into granules within 3-6mm. Then how to regulate the size of granular bentonite during rotary granulation? Adjust moisture content or control the rotating speed of the drum. The higher the water content, the larger the size; the lower the water content, the smaller the size. The higher the rotating speed, the smaller the size, the lower the rotating speed, the larger the size.

How to setup a bentonite granules production line?

If you want to setup a bentonite granulation plant, buying pellet making machine only is not enough, it is necessary to choose other bentonite processing machines to establish a professional bentonite granulation line. In this process, cost and factory area are two items you must pay attention to. So to establish a bentonite granulation factory, you need to do the following things.

What equipment is needed in a bentonite granulation line?

When you plan to create a bentonite granules production line, besides granulator, you also need to buy batching machine, crusher, mixer, screener, dryer, cooler, dust collector, dust fall room, coating equipment, bagging machine and belt conveyor. When it comes to bentonite granulation line with dry granulation, you may not need to purchase dryer and cooler.

bentonite granules production plant
20 t/h bentonite pellet making system cost

How much does a bentonite granulation plant setup cost?

Cost also plays an important role in bentonite granules production line setup. It contains the costs of equipment, workshop building, energy consumption, worker employment, etc. Then because our bentonite granulation system has characteristics of low energy consumption and high automation. And as a source factory of fertilizer equipment, YUSHUNXIN can provide you with equipment at a favourable price. You can setup the bentonite granulation plant at a low cost. 

What is the area occupation of a bentonite pellet making system?

The area occupation also will vary according to the capacity and configuration. Generally, a 5 t/h bentonite granulation line needs an area of 800-1,200㎡. And you need to prepare a 1,500-3,145 ㎡ site for a 20 t/h bentonite pellet making system installation.

20 t/h bentonite pellet making system area

How about the Final Bentonite Granules in SX’s Bentonite Pellets Production Line?

However, the final fertilizer granule is still the best way to test whether the bentonite granules production system is suitable for you or not. Hence, you can see some advantages about these bentonite granules.

Why should you Choose SX’s Granulate Dryer for Bentonite Granules Production?

The importance of the dryer can be seen from the above bentonite production process. So it is necessary to choose a good quality dryer. But why choose the granulate dryer from SX? Because SX specially designed a corresponding dryer according to the granulation characteristics of bentonite, which can help produce high-quality granular fertilizer.

Strong Reliability

The whole machine is a closed structure, and effective heat preservation measures have been taken. It can keep the pellets at a stable temperature and prevent the high and low temperature from affecting the pellet quality. Then the drying temperature is automatically controlled, and the residence time can be adjusted, which enhances the operating flexibility of the equipment. In addition, it is driven by rolling and simple transmission wheels to ensure the stability of the equipment in operation.

Stainless Steel Material

Stainless Steel Material

The material of the whole equipment is made of stainless steel and carbon steel combination materials that meet food-grade requirements. The production of bentonite particles has a certain degree of corrosion, and the use of stainless steel can enhance the service life of the equipment.

Clever Drum Design

Then the most important thing is that the bottom of the inner cavity is fully welded, and the rounded corners are excessive, so that there is no wind blowing between the belt machine and the outside world during the working state. And it can ensure that the equipment is easy to clean, and there is no water accumulation inside the equipment, which ensures the cleanliness of each drying item.

drum dryer design

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