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In the whole fertilizer production line, ferment and compost the raw materials of fertilizer is one important part. And these two procedures are next to each other. It can be said that raw materials are all fermented before granulation. The compost granulating machine is mainly used in the organic fertilizer’s production. Significantly, in our factory, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum churning pelletizer, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator making machine and flat die pellet making machine are all appropriate compost granulating machines.

Here we are going to get familiar with them from their benefits, working technology, commercial models, a complete production line’s working way and the advice for our compost granulation equipment’s layout. You can take if for your reference.


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Fermented Raw Material’s Benefits for the Granulation Machines’ Processing

What makes the compost part plays an important role for fertilizer pellets’ granulation? And why do you use compost granulation machine? Here are the main reasons.

During the compost, raw materials will ferment and improve the temperature. The high temperature can not only kill toxic fungi and substances, but also push the decomposition of organic matter. Thus, the processed materials can make less damages to the granulating machines. They can also make the granulated pellets have high nutrient and less impurities.

For example, new type organic fertilizer granulating machines can make pellets’ organic content up to 100%. Compost does play an important role in this way.

In our factory, our compost machine also has the function of crushing and mixing. It can crush large raw materials blocks and push the organic matters’ decomposition under aerobic conditions. Besides the raw materials’ organic nutrient, we can also mix sludge, viscous manure and other materials with bacteria and straw powder evenly. It can provide better environment for fermentation, and improve the pellets’ nutrient in a certain degree.

These are more advantages that you granulate pellets from the composted materials. Compost granulation machine will play an important role in your factory. Then we are going to see more about the compost granulation machines themselves.

How To Select A Suitable Compost Granulating Machine for Yourself?

When raw materials’ moisture is 50%-60%, the raw materials’ fermentation and compost is finished. And then they can wait for fertilizer pellets’ granulation. You can also choose your compost granulating machine by this standard. Primarily, Our granulation machines’ granulation methods have two categories, wet granulation and dry granulation.

Hot Products: New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine for Making Compost Pellets

Among these compost granulating machines, we would like to recommend new type organic fertilizer compost granulator to you. With this granulator in your fertilizer plant, you can make different kinds of fermented organic matter into granulates. To make quality organic fertilizer pellets, we adopt new technology in organic fertilizer production. By this technology, the pellets are usually ball-shaped and the organic content can up to 100%.

You can make desired granules’ size by our new type compost granulating machine.

It is easy for you to make expected pellets size by the new type organic fertilizer pelletizer. The pellets’ diameters are usually 3-10 mm. There are two ways for you to adjust the diameters of the pellets. On the one hand, you can control the material mixing amount. The material mixing amount is much lower, the granules are much smaller. On the other hand, you can adjust the rotating speed of the main axle. the main axle rotating speed is much higher, the granules are much smaller.

Different models of new type organic fertilizer granulation machines for you to pick.

Our factory mainly has five models of this organic fertilizer granulator type, SXJZ-600, SXJZ-800, SXJZ-1000, SXJZ-1200 and SXJZ-1500. Their production capacity is 1-8 tons per hour. Our company integrates Simens, Schneider, ABB and other excellent accessories to improve machines’ functions and performances. The period of use can more than 8 years under your normal operation.

new type organic fertilizer granulator

You can also visit our factory in Xingyang, Henan to have a look about how our new type organic fertilizer granulation machine and other compost granulation equipment work. We will give you the best guidance and the most considerate service during you visit. You can realize our factory’s power more truly.

A Complete Compost Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line

  • In a complete new type organic fertilizer pellet machinery production line, compost machines can ferment the chicken manure and control their smelling, moisture and temperature. When the moisture is between 50-60%, and the temperature is between 40-50℃, the composting ends.

  • If there are too many blocks and other impurities like stones etc., you can also use a new type vertical crusher or semi-wet material crusher to grind the materials.

  • You can add some biological or functional bacteria into the batching machine for various uses fertilizers’ production.

  • Then you can granulation by using the new type organic fertilizer granulator equipment.

  • After granulation, drying and cooling are necessary for the granules. They control pellets’ moisture and temperature for packaging. Our factory provides the detailed parts for the whole dryer and cooler working line.

  • Then you can package the pellets and send them to the storehouse for selling.

What Preparations Can You Do for the Stable Running of Compost Granulating Machine?

Besides ensure every machine part is normal, workers, raw materials and machines etc. are ready for the working, the preparations about other machines can also help improve the efficiency of compost granulating machine.

Crusher help compost granulator make more smooth pellets.

For making more uniform fertilizer granules, you should ensure no big blocks and other materials in the raw materials. Our new type vertical crusher can crush the large caking materials into powdery, which can improve the fertilizer pellets’ smooth degree greatly.

Mixer help your machine makes functional fertilizer pellets.

If you want to make your feed pellets have more functions, you can also add functional bacteria etc. To make it play roles well, you can use our disc mixer to mix them.

After these preparations, you can put materials into the feed port to granulating beautiful pellets. These machines will help to expand the advantages of composting raw materials, and then make your granulation procedure is much more efficient.

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