Rotary Drum Granulator

rotary drum granulator

The rotary drum granulator is a new type of machinery in the current. Our engineers design it according to the long term experiences of compound fertilizer granulation. Besides, it uses widely in the production of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer pellets. Because of the high production ability, it can make pellets 1-30 tons per hour, mass production business can take this type of fertilizer granulation into your plant. Below are more detailed information about it.


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Structural Designs for the Granulation Drum Equipment by Our Engineers

rotary drum granulator details
rotary drum granulator details

What’s the Working Principle of Drum Granulator Machines?

Above all, due to the continuous input of materials and the continuous rotation of the granulator, mass production can be realized. There is a small amount of returned materials, and the particle size is small in the granulation line. They can re-granulate without much cost.

Two Ways for You to Regulate the Granules Size

Our fertilizer granules sizes are 3-6 mm. There are two ways for you to regulate the granules size:

By controlling the moisture:

Firstly, you can control the water spray system to control the raw material moisture. If you add less water into the materials, the smaller size granules you will get; instead, if you add more water, the bigger size granules you can get.

By controlling the slope angle:

Secondly, you can regulate the granulator slop angle to regulate the final granules size. Therefore, sharp slope will make smaller size fertilizer; slow slope will make bigger granules.

The Most Appropriate Production Level of Rotary Drum Pelletizer Provided for You

We have developed different drum granulation models to satisfy your production demands. You can buy the most appropriate production level of rotary drum pelletizer in our factory accordingly.

  • A small size pelletizing drum can product fertilizer pellets 1-5 tons per hour.
  • A medium size machine can produce 5-8 tons per hour.
  • And a large scale granulator can make 8-30 tons pellets in one hour.

Whatever pellets’ size you want, we all can make it produced on a large scale.

Drum Granulation Fertilizer Production Project for Making Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets

Rotary drum granulator machinery is suitable for fermented poultry manure and plant materials. It is mainly used in the granulation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

We have rich experiences in the whole production line for the rotary drum granulator. And we provide high quality motors and auxiliary equipment like crushers, screens etc. You can start your fertilizer granulation business at a high level quickly by buying our products.

rotary drum granulator for chicken manure fertilizer

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is an important fertilizer granulation line project. If you are going to choose the rotary drum granulator equipment to turn the chicken manure into fertilizer, the powder chicken manure fertilizer process will go through fermentation, crush, screen and packing. Similarly, if you are going to make chicken manure fertilizer granules, the production line includes the procedure of fermentation, crushing, screening, granulator, dryer, cooler, screening and packing.

2 Tips for You to Buy A Drum Granulating Machine Matched with Your Business Scale Perfectly

Here are several tips for your reference to buy a drum granulating machine. We conclude them and extract some tips here for you. You can contact our customer service directly for getting more information and purchasing advice.

To make sure the granulating drum matches your business perfectly, we will recommend the appropriate model for you according to your needs of production capacity and raw materials. Generally, our granulating machine can turn three tons raw material into one tons fertilizer pellets. We can use this note to calculate your production capacity initially.

As for your factory’s layout, we can also help you design the diagram and the production line. There usually need more than 5000 square meters for setting up a whole drum granulation production line. With the design of our experienced engineers, they can make full use of your plant area and design the best factory for you.

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