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Compound fertilizer granulator equipment is one important type of granulation machines in the fertilizer business. Therefore, our factory, as a leading fertilizer production manufacturer, has developed three kinds of highly efficient granulation machine to produce compound fertilizer: rotary drum granulation machine, disk granulation machine and double roller granulating machine. They have different advantages in the process of making compound pellets.

Below we are going to introduce the compound fertilizer granulator making machines from their models, working principles and advantages and cost to guide you choose an appropriate granulating machines for making compound fertilizer subsequently.


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Production Capacity of Our Compound Fertilizer Granulating Equipment

In summary, there are rotary drum granulation machine, pan granulator, and double roller extrusion granulating machine for you to make compound fertilizer. But which one is the best for you? You can choose according to the production capacity directly.

Complex Fertilizer Granulation Machine Uses Wet Granulation Method

These compound fertilizer granulation machines have different granulating methods according to their structures and working principles. In general, they have two types: wet granulation and dry granulation.

Rotary drum pellet making machinery production and pan fertilizer pellet making machines both use wet granulation. In short, it requires granules moisture to be 30%-40%.

The roller compactor adopts dry granulation. It granulates under the normal temperature. The raw materials’ moisture is 5-10%. In this way, there is also no need for drying the formed granules, which cuts a lot of cost in your production.

granulator for making compound fertilizer

Hence, there is one way that can cut your compound fertilizer granulation cost directly. And that is whether you are going to use wet granulation or not. It influences your whole compound fertilizer production line’s design and cost.

If you use wet granulation to process compound fertilizer, you need to use a rotary drum drying machine and cooling machine to remove extra moisture. Instead, if you use dry granulation, you can screen them directly. After our rotary screening machine screens the unqualified pellets, you can use an automatic palletizer machine to package them subsequently.

If you have a higher standard for lower compound fertilizer moisture, the compound fertilizer granulate plant also needs a rotary drum drying machine to evaporate water vapor and a cooler to reduce the temperature.

Features and Advantages of Our Compound Fertilizer Granulation Equipment

The compound fertilizer granulator equipment is easy to operate. Simple granulation machine structure makes the operation and maintenance easy for you. You turn on the button, and then watch the raw materials’ adding and machine’s normal running is well. Our most compound fertilizer granulators’ production has achieved automatic or semi-automatic.

It makes compound fertilizer pellets keep nutrition. Because the powder compound fertilizer releases nutrients quickly by wind or water. As a result, you may use a large quantity of no effect compound fertilizer. After granulation, the area between the granular compound fertilizer and the air is much smaller. The pellet’s structure is much closer, which is not easy to lose nutrients quickly.

Thus, it makes compound fertilizer convenient to store and transport. Besides, powdery compound fertilizer is easy to lose under forces outside. After granulation, the pellet’s structure is much closer. It helps prevent the pellets’ layering and sticking, which makes mechanized fertilization much more convenient.

How To Cut the Costs of Buying Our Complex Fertilizer Granulation Machine?

Cut the cost of buying a complex fertilizer pellet machine, which will lower your burdens of budget. Choosing the cheapest one among all kinds of factories, or bargaining with the manufacturers will be easier for you. What’s more, you need to find the core in the compound fertilizer granulator’s trade. The key point is whether our compound fertilizer pellet machinery deserves your trust. If it deserves, then you can cut the cost of time, money and wasted effort.

Here are three tips for you to cut the cost of buying a compound fertilizer granulation machine.

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