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Granules mixing machine usually works before granulation part. You can put some functional bacteria etc. to mix with the raw materials, which can provide nutrient and improve pellets’ function subsequently. Therefore, you can increase fertilizer’s economic values easily. Besides, the mixing machines can help control the moisture and and temperature in a certain way. Here we are going to recommend two hot sale granules mixing machine. Firstly, their granulation method; secondly, materials choosing; and lastly, prices are mentioned in the passage for your reference.


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Different Production Scales of Granule Fertilizer Mixing Machine

What Kind of Fertilizer Pellets Can the Mixing Machine Blends?

You can use our granulating machine to granulate organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. In our factory, some machines are suitable for their use. For example, horizontal mixer, it can mix different shapes, sizes and density of raw materials powerfully. At the same time, some blending machines have better performance in the production of organic fertilizer, or compound fertilizer.

For organic fertilizer production, in summary, the disc mixing machine will be better. It is designed by our company and it has been ordered by many customers.

In the production of compound fertilizer, like NPK, BB fertilizer, our drum type BB fertilizer mixer and BB fertilizer mixer have better performance. The later overcomes the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena caused by different proportion of raw materials and particle size, which has improved the ingredients precision greatly.

How Much Do You Cost for Mixing Fertilizer Materials Machines?

BB fertilizer granules mixing machine

One set of BB fertilizer mixer’s price is between $5095-5350. One set of horizontal mixer’s price is between $1500 and $3000. And hot sale double shafts horizontal mixer’s price is $3080-12550 per set. It’s possible that we provide cheaper price per set for you when you have ordered more than two sets.

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