Do you require a way for disposing of chicken manure? Are you trying to find a way to develop your organic fertilizer project? But you have no previous experience of making organic fertilizer from chicken manure. Here, you can start with disc pelletizer fertilizer manufacturing. Usually, it can help you produce 1-6 tons of chicken poop fertilizer per hour. And it has characteristics of low investment, easy operation, less space occupation, etc. So it is an ideal choice for beginners who want to setup an chicken manure fertilizer plant. Then how to start disc granulator chicken manure fertilizer production? You can consider it from the following aspects:


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What Do you Need to Do for Starting Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production?

Before starting chicken manure fertilizer manufacturing, you need to know what you should do for it. Generally, you need to pay attention to three items: materials, equipment selection and plant location.

Material Collection

In general, you can make small scale organic fertilizer with 3 kinds of materials. Animal manure: chicken manure; Industrial waste: biogas residue, sludge, sugar waste, mushroom waste, etc; Agricultural litter: straw, sawdust, maize stocks, soya bean residues, etc. It is advisable to use the first two as the main material for chicken poop fertilizer making and the last as auxiliary materials.

materials collection
equipment selection

Equipment Selection

Then suitable equipment purchasing is essential for smoothly small scale chicken manure fertilizer production. For this, you need to know what machine is needed in small scale organic fertilizer making? How much does the small scale chicken manure fertilizer making system cost? Can your small chicken poop fertilizer factory accommodate it? But don’t worry, we will help you. Even we can offer you customized design according to your requirements.

Plant Location

For chicken waste disc pelletizer making plant setup, there are three tips for you. Avoiding building in areas where local policy prohibits. Located in a place with convenient transportation. And setting it up close to raw material sources.

plant location

What Do you Need to Do with Chicken Manure Before Granulation?

For high quality chicken manure fertilizer granules manufacturing, chicken waste disposal is essential. Before disc granulation, you may need to process chicken poop with steps as follows:

solid liquid separator for chicken manure

Separating Solid from Liquid

Generally, fresh chicken manure is a mixture of solid and liquid. So its moisture content usually is 70%-90%,which will affect aerobic fermentation of organic fertilizer. In this way, we recommend you process manure with dewatering equipment first. This fertilizer machine can help you reduce the moisture to 30%-40%.

Compost Chicken Waste

However, provided you have raw material which has a moisture content of 50%-60%,you can start fertilizer composting directly. It is a process of making use of high temperature to kill bad bacteria, pests eggs and grass seeds in chicken waste. In this process, it is important to control the temperature of material piles to 60°C-70°C. Here, it is advisable to use crawler windrow compost turner. It can not only supply oxygen to make temperature high enough to kill harmful things, but also dissipate excessive heat to prevent beneficial bacteria death.

batching machine for chicken manure fertilizer

Feeding Compost into Batching Hopper

Batching machine is widely used to control materials volume and ratio for chicken manure fertilizer production line. For capacity of 1-6 t/h, we recommend you our dynamic batching machine. Because it has multiple materials hoppers and we equip each hopper with a weighting scale. Therefore, it can feed various materials simultaneously according to required proportion.

Crushing Manure Compost

In general, chicken poop granulation effect is closely related to the particle size of compost material. The smaller the material particle size, the easier the fertilizer pellets making, the more beautiful the final granule appearance. This is the reason why you need to grind compost into fine powder before disc granulation. Here, you can use new type vertical shredder, which can process manure compost into powder without blocking.

vertical type crusher for chicken waste
double shaft horizontal mixer for chicken fertilizer

Mixing Chicken Waste Composition Evenly

Moreover, in disc pelletizer chicken manure fertilizer production line, fertilizer mixer is also indispensable. It can blend various materials evenly, which is beneficial for ensuring the nutrient balance of every granule. In this fertilizer production project, double shaft horizontal blender is your best option.

Why Use Disc Pelletizer in Chicken Manure Fertilizer Making System?

Disc granulator is an excellent choice for chicken manure fertilizer manufacturing plant setup. There are three reasons.

What Equipment is Commonly Used After Chicken Manure Disc Granulation?

This equipment can sieve out required size chicken manure fertilizer granules to transport them to the next process. At the same time, the leftover small or large particles will be returned to reprocess. In other words, you can produce granular chicken waste fertilizer with nearly no waste.

Because disc granulator adopts wet granulation method, there is still excessive moisture in produced chicken manure fertilizer, about 15%-20%. In order to make fertilizer easy to transport and store, you’d better reduce it to below 10%. In this respect, rotary drying equipment and cooling machine are greatly helpful for you.

If you want to further prolong the storage time of your chicken manure fertilizer pellets, you also can add a coating machine. It will add a protective film to fertilizer granules to prevent moisture absorption and nutrient loss.

Finally, in order that finished chicken waste fertilizer can be sold in a targeted way, you can package it in 10 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc. For this, we can provide you with single / double bucket automatic fertilizer bagging machine.

disc granulation fertilizer making plant for chicken manure

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