Granulation Machine for Making Dolomite Pellets

Granulation machine for making dolomite pellets is hot sale in the market. Because dolomite is an valuable material, which has multi-function and wide application. Dolomite can be used as building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials in chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving and other fields.

And we recommend the rotary drum churning granulator for you. Here is more information for your reference to buy a satisfying granulation machine. And we can have a view about how it granulate pellets? Besides, what the advantages, raw material, and usages does the granulation machine have? What’s more, how to get quotation about granulation machine for making dolomite pellets in our factory?


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Rotary Drum Churning Granulator Makes Dolomite Pellets Efficiently

Rotary drum churning pelletizer is developed on the basic of rotary drum granulation machine. You can put it in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and it will turn the raw materials into a specific shape.

The main working method is agglomerate wet granulation.

  • Firstly, dolomite pellets chemically fully after adding a certain amount of water or steam. Under certain liquid phase conditions, the rotation of the cylinder will make the material particles generate extrusion force to agglomerate into balls.
  • Secondly, the wet stirring tooth granulator uses the mechanical stirring force of high-speed rotation and aerodynamic force to achieve granulation continuously. The combination of these two granulation methods makes the granules have a higher spheroidization rate and much more beautiful.

Besides, the feed inlet and the fertilizer outlet are all closed. There are rings inside to increase resistance and prolong the raw materials staying time. The rotary drum churning pellet equipment’s main axle is not in the center of the tube. The axle turns to the right and the tube turns to the left. Therefore, the formed dolomite pellets have high hardness.

Because the machine’s granulation rate is more than 90%, people can make full use of powder dolomite granules. It is suitable for large scale fertilizer pellets production. It can make pellets 5-8 tons per hour.

Raw Materials for Making Dolomite Pellets by Our Granulation Machine

Dolomite deposits are distributed in carbonate rock series. The older the strata, the more deposits. Dolomite deposits in the Sinian and Cambrian systems are relatively extensive. Our country has rich dolomite deposits, and the proven reserves can meet the needs of economic construction.

raw material dolomite for making granules
dolomite urea fertilizer pellets

Besides, other ingredients and materials can add into the production of dolomite pellets. It is decided according to your production needs, and product quality and characteristics. For example, you can add some dolomite into urea fertilizer. In this way, it can keep the pH of soil at an appropriate degree. Generally speaking, it will improve the yield by 15-40%. What’s more, it can also improve the efficacy of herbicides.

  • To turn dolomite into pellets, it will go through these procedures:

Comparison of Making Dolomite Pellets between Drum Churning Granultor with Others

Compared with other granulating machine, rotary drum churning granulator has advantages in making dolomite pellets. To conclude, there are 4 advantages to make pellets by drum churning granulator rather than others.

  • Spherical particles have no acute angle after granulation, and the pulverization rate is extremely low.

  • Compared with natural agglomeration granulation device like rotary drum granulator, and disc granulator, the particle size distribution is centralized.

  • High production capacity is much more suitable for large scale fertilizer production.

  • What’s more, our rotary drum churning granulator can mix and extrude the dolomite into pellets at the same time, which is the most significant advantage that other granulating machines doesn’t have.

Therefore, you can make high quality dolomite pellets efficiently by our rotary drum churning granulator. These four advantages will help you gain advantages in the fertilizer production.

3 Usages of Dolomite Pellets Granulated by Our Rotary Drum Churning Pelletizer

Dolomite has much wide applications in industry, agriculture, environmental protection and other field. In this way, we can conclude three important usages of dolomite pellets, which made by the powerful rotary drum churning granulation machine.

Firstly, in industry, the dolomite pellets is mainly as a flux for basic refractories and blast furnace iron-making. Besides, it can also as an ingredient for the production of glass and ceramics.

dolomite pellets granulator granulator used in the factory

dolomite pellets granulator granulator used in the factory

Secondly, in agriculture, you can take use of it for the production of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer etc. It can provide micro-elements for the plants’ growth. What’s more, dolomite pellets can also as a neutralizer for acidic soil, which will compensate the soil’s calcium and magnesium elements. Therefore, it can improve the soil’s production capacity significantly.

dolomite pellets used in the agriculture

dolomite pellets used in the agriculture

Thirdly, turning dolomite into granules, which is also an useful way to conserve and transport valuable dolomite resources. Granulating machine makes the pellets with high hardness, and uniform size and surface will cause less problems than the storage, or conveying of raw dolomite materials.

dolomite pellets drum churning granulation line

dolomite pellets drum churning granulation line

Therefore, it is necessary to equip an excellent granulation machine to expand dolomite pellets’ economic value. Our granulating machine, especially the rotary drum churning granulation machine can help you achieve these points easily.

How To Buy A Granulation Equipment for Making Dolomite Pellets?

After you have read so much about dolomite pellets granulating machine in our factory, you may want to have a commercial cooperation about the granulators with us. Therefore, it is necessary to send an inquiry to show your desire and needs to the granulator for making dolomite pellets.

In the inquiry, you can state your raw materials’ kind and quantity etc., desiring machine models, requirements to production capacity to us. What’s more, your information and contact method are also important for us. We will give you the accordingly quotation about products, prices, services in time.

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