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Granulate dryer is important in the fertilizer production line. Our granulators adopt wet granulation and dry granulation. Wet granulation increase pellets’ moisture to 50%-60%, but dry granulation not. As there is no need to add water etc. to improve moisture during the granulation, its moisture is about 20%-30%. Therefore, fertilizer pellets after dry granulation can package directly. However, pellets made by wet granulation must go through dryer to low down the moisture to the package standards: 20%-25% moisture.

Thus, a dryer is important for you, especially you have the granulating machines which adopt wet granulation, such as, new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, and disc granulator etc. Here is more information about dryers for your reference.


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Top 2 Popular Granules Fertilizer Drying Machine

We all know the importance of rotary drying equipment for fertilizer manufacturing. But there are many kinds of drying machines on the market, which one is more suitable for you? Here, in order to fully meet your needs, SX especially design various dryers for your choice. The best-selling two are as follows:

Chicken Manure Drying Machine

When you plan to make chicken poop into organic pellets ferilizer, the high moisture content is an item you must focus on. And the same goes for fertilizer drying, because it will greatly affect the drying effect. Therefore, we especially upgrade our chicken manure drying equipment. The inlet temperature of it is higher than 300 °C and the material contact temperature also can reach 70°C -80°C. So it can reduce the water content of your chicken manure granules fertilizer quickly. What’s more, after drying, the moisture content of chicken manure fertllizer pellets is only about 10%.

cow dung granulate dryer

Cow Dung Granulate Dryer Machine

But for those who want to make pellets fertilizer from cow dung, we recommend you choose our granulate dryer machine with a larger capacity. Because a cow generally generates 30 kg of manure a day, which is much higher than that of chicken. For this, SXHG-2020 rotary drying equipment and SXHG-2424 drum dryer are both excellent choices for you. Their capacities are 8-16 t/h and 14-18 t/h respectively.

How Does Our Granulate Dryer Equipment Works?

The dry wet material is sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe of the feeding machine of the hopper. The inclination of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material so that the material can flow into the dryer smoothly. The dryer drum is a rotating drum that is slightly inclined to the horizontal line.

The material is fed from the higher end, and the heat carrier enters from the lower end, and contacts with the material in counter, or the heat carrier and the material flow into the cylinder together. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material moves to the lower end under the action of gravity.

When the wet material moves forward in the barrel, it receives heat from the heat carrier directly or indirectly, so that the wet material is dried, and then is sent out at the discharge end through a belt conveyor or a screw conveyor.

Why Do you Need to Dry fertilizer in Granulate Dryer?

Granulate dryer machine plays an important role in your fertilizer making process, especially, when you adopt wet granulation process to make granules. Hence, what benefits can rotary dryer machine bring you?

transportation for drying granular fertilizer

Make your Finished Granules Fertilizer Easier to Transport

In general, the moisture of material is about 45%-50% when you use wet granulation process to make pellets. But by using ganulate dryer machine, you can reduce the moisture to 20%. In this way, you can make pellets with a higher hardness. That is, it has a lower possibility of pulverization and is more covenient to transportant.

Prolong your Granules Storage Time

In addition, preparing pellets fertilizer with rotary drying machine is also beneficial for prolonging the storage time. Especially when you make organic fertilizer. Why? Because the lower the moisture content of fertilizer pellets you produce, the lower the possibility of mold and deterioration. Hence, it can be stored for a longer time.

storage the drying granules fertilizer
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