Flat Die Pellet Mill

flat die pellet mill

Flat die pellet mill is one important type for organic fertilizer granulation. The capacity is up to 0.08-2.5 tons per hour. Besides, it extrudes the rollers and dies to granulate all kinds of fermented organic materials. What’s more, you can choose corn stalks and other crop stalks, or factory waste as your raw materials. They have a low adhesion rate and are difficult to shape. But the flat die mill can turn them into granules efficiently. Besides, the machine is suitable for low temperature of biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and compound fertilizer, etc. We can provide you with various modes for granulating columnar particles of 2-10 mm diameter subsequently. The pellets have high hardness.

Here are more about detailed information about the flat die pellet mill.


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Designs of Flat Fie Granulation Machine

What are the special designs for flat die granulator machines? The machine’s structure includes a wheel, two sides of which keep the same rotation speed with the dies. Besides, you can have a better understanding after viewing the three important aspects: shape, roller and dynamic structure.

Advantages of these designs

These designs make flat die granulator making machine work efficiently in the production line. It can manufacture cylindrical organic fertilizers independently. It can also work with an organic fertilizer polishing machine. They can make one-time-shaping come true. Besides, the uniform setting of the pressing rollers in the machine ensure its smooth operation. Therefore, you can granulate efficiently and get higher fertilizer particles productivity.

After you have a basic understanding of the important designs of the flat die pellet making machine, it’s time for you to know how it works and functions.

organic fertilizer flat die granulator

Flat Die Pellet Mill Machine’s Working Conditions

Four Tips to Handle Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator Easily

To operate a flat die granulation machine easily, our company will give you four tips from the beginning to the end to the pellets’ processing.

    1. After adding hyperbolic gear oil in the gearbox, the machinecan startwork.
    1. Install the granulator stably, adjust the belt’s tightness, and make sure whether the steering is normal, or whether the screws in each part are loose or not. If themachine is in a no-load stateand starts normally, it can be put into use.
    1. If there are more refined fibers during material processing, add5% of waterapproximately. The water will be lost during the extrusion proces
    1. Loosen the screwsafter processingand keep the rollers in a free state. Remove the upper and lower bins after the shutdown, especially the remaining materials under the spinner. These jobs are to avoid damage to the bearings.

Different Models of Flat Die Pellet Mills for Sale

There are mainly three flat die pellet equipment models in our company, SXPM-400, SXPM-500, and SXPM-600. They can make 2-10 mm pellets according to your needs. The granulation rate is up to 95%.

SXPM-400 flat die granulator machinery, which can produce 1-1.5 tons per hour, and the power is 30 kw. In one month, if it works 8 hours every day, it can produce 240-360 tons of fertilizer pellets.

SXPM-500, which can produce 1.5-2 tons per hour, and the power is 37 kw. In one month, it can produce fertilizer pellets 240-480 tons.

SXPM-600, which can produce 2-2.5 tons per hour, and the power is 45 kw. In one month, it can produce fertilizer pellets 480-600 tons .

pellet by flat die granulator

We have stronger production capacity than others. And one set’s price is between $2800-8100. The price is going to change with many factors’ effects, like raw materials, technology, market and policies etc. If you have interests in our latest flat die pellet machine products, please contact us customer service.

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