Limestone Pellets Granulating Production Line

Are you finding solutions to limestone disposal? Do you want to know what limestone processing projects are available for you? Do you want to buy quality machines for your limestone pellets granulating production line? You can find answers from SX. SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment factory, has advanced technology and years experience in limestone pellets making machines manufacturing. Besides quality limestone granules equipment, we also can provide you with various projects for limestone processing. In addition, if you have any requirements, you can contact us for customization. We will try our best to help you start the limestone granulation plant smoothly!

limestone pellets granulating production plant
limestone pellets from granulation plant

2 Projects for making dry and wet limestone pellets

In general, most limestone pellets manufacturers prefer to prepare granules into two forms. Wet and dry. So in order to meet the different requirements of our customers, we especially design wet limestone pellets making line and dry limestone granules production line separately.

Wet limestone pellets making line design

When you want to further process limestone, you can choose to turn powder limestone into granules. Then because of more complicated process, it needs more limestone pellets making machines. Generally, a complete wet limestone pellets preparation line contains crusher, Raymond mill, batching machine, mixer, granulator, screening equipment, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging machine, belt conveyor, dust collector. You can choose them to design your own plan for limestone pellets granulating production line according to your needs.

dry limestone granulation plant technology

Dry limestone granulation plant technology

Dry limestone granules manufacturing line is a simple process to make limestone powder into pellets. So only needs a few machines, it can help you finish limestone pellets making. Including crusher, Raymond mill, batching machine, powder screener, granulator, packaging machine and belt conveyor.


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How to start a small and large scale limestone pellets granulating production line?

Besides limestone pellets form types, we also can offer you designs according to the capacity of your limestone pellets granulating production line. Whether you plan to produce limestone granules in a small or large scale.

I-5 t/h small scale limestone pellets making plan for sale

If you need a plan for turn limestone into granules in a small scale, which is about 1-5 t/h. Disc granulation line is an ideal choice for you. For one thing, it can fully meet your requirement to prepare 1-5 tons of limestone pellets per hour. For another, it also has characteristics of high granulation rate (over 93%), low cost, high automation, less space occupation, etc. These can help you start small scale limestone pellets production more smoothly.

What limestone pellets making machine is needed in disc granulation system

For running disc pan granulation line, you need to buy limestone granules machines of hammer mill, Raymond mill, static batching machine, double shafts horizontal mixer, SXYZ-3600 disc granulator, SXGS-1240 rotary screener, SXHG-1515 rotary dryer, SXLQ-1515 rotary cooler BM1400x4000 coating machine, automatic bagging machine and so on.

limestone pellets extrusion machine

Is there any other system for small limestone pellets manufacturing

Of course. For making limestone granules in a small scale, you also can choose our double roller dry granulation line. It adopts dry granulation method, which relies on physical force between two rollers to granulate limestone pellets. There is nearly no water involved, so it is dispensable to buy dryer and cooler. In this way, you can spend less and don’t need to prepare a large installation area.

5-20 t/h large scale limestone pellets preparation system

Provided you plan to enlarge your limestone granules making business, you may need a rotary drum granulation system. Generally, it can help you prepare 5-20 tons, even 30 tons of limestone pellets per hour. In addition, it has a higher performance on corrosion resistance, energy consumption reduction, automation etc, So it earns the trust of large limestone pellets production businesses at home and abroad.

What is the configuration of rotary drum granulation system

For large scale limestone pellets making, you need to purchase equipment with large output. So our rotary drum granulation line usually contains hammer mill, Raymond mill, dynamic batching machine, SXWJ,-1630 horizontal mixer, SXZYZ-2080 rotary drum pellet making machine, SXGS-2080 rotary screener, SXHG-2424 rotary dryer, SXLQ 2424 rotary cooler, BM1600x6000 coating machine, automatic packaging equipment and so on.

limestone rotary drum granulation machine

What is the cost of limestone pellets granulating production line?

When you plan to setup a limestone pellets production plant, cost is an item you must focus on. Because it is closely related to the choosing of granulation method, equipment configuration, etc, As a professional fertilizer making machine manufacturer, SX especially design different scale limestone pellets making projects according to different budgets. They can fully meet your needs, whether you have a small or large budget for limestone granules making plant setup.

$102,311-$213,310 Limestone pellets making system

When you plan to invest $102,311-$213,310 in your small scale limestone granules production plant setup as cost, we recommend you to buy our pan fertilizer pellets making line. Generally, it consists of Raymond mill, batching machine, mixer, pan pellet making equipment, screener, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, automatic bagging machine and belt conveyor. This limestone pellets granulating production line mainly adopts wet granulation method. It makes use of liquid as binder to turn limestone powder into granules. So limestone powder can combine with each other easier and you can produce higher quality limestone pellets. Moreover, in general pan pellets making line can prepare 1- 6 tons of limestone particles per hour. This can fully meet your requirements for small quantities limestone pellets manufacturing plant setup.

Pan Limestone Pellets Granulation System

  • Capacity: 1-10 t/h

  • Cost: $102,311-$213,310

  • Application: Limestone powder to pellets

  • Granules Size: 1-8 mm

  • Method: Wet granulation

  • Design: Raymond mill, batching machine, mixer, pan pellet making equipment, screener, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, automatic bagging machine and belt conveyor

$30,000-$80,000 limestone pellet manufacturing plant setup

Can we make powdery limestone into granules at a lower cost? Of course. You can purchase our double roller granulation system. It employs dry granulation method, which only relies on the extrusion force between the two rollers to convert limestone powder into pellets. Therefore, there is nearly no water involved. Then you can save the money on dryer and cooler. In this way, only need to prepare $10,000-$70,000, you can finish the manufacturing of limestone pellets. In addition, a double roller extrusion machine can prepare 3 tons of limestone granules per hour. If you plan to setup a 3-10 t/h limestone pellets production plant, you can increase the number of roller pellet machine to 2-4. Is it simple, right?

Double Roller Limestone Granulation System

  • Capacity: 1-10 t/h

  • Cost: $30,000-$80,000

  • Application: Limestone powder to pellets

  • Granules Size: 1-10 mm

  • Method: Dry granulation

  • Design: Raymond mill, batching machine, mixer, double roller granulator, screener, automatic packaging machine and belt conveyor

Cost of a large scale drum limestone powder to granule system

Finally, is there a project for larger scale limestone pellets production – over 10 t/h? How much does it need to invest in? For those who want to setup a over 10 t/h limestone pellet manufacturing factory, it is advisable to choose rotary drum granulation line. Its largest capacity can reach 30 t/h, it is far higher than other limestone granule making systems. Therefore, it can help you complete large scale limestone pellets making more quickly. Generally, the price of fertilizer making line will vary with capacity. In addition, drum pellet making machine also adopts wet type granule making method. So you also need to use drying machine and cooling equipment. In this way, the price of a whole set of 10-30 t/h rotary drum limestone pellets production line about $200,000 – $500,000.

Rotary Drum Limestone Granulation System

  • Capacity: 1-30 t/h

  • Cost: $200,000 – $500,000

  • Application: Limestone powder to pellets

  • Granules Size: 1-10 mm

  • Method: Wet granulation

  • Design: Raymond mill, batching machine, mixer, rotary drum granulation machine, screener, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, automatic bagging machine and belt conveyor

Limestone Resource Saving by the Granules Making Line

Preferred Dry Granulation for Turning Limestone Into Pellets

To turn limestone into pellets, you can use dry granulation method or wet granulation method. They both can granulate pellets efficiently. Many fertilizer manufacturers prefers the dry granulation method to make pellets, and here are the main reasons:

limestone granulation line raw materials

Firstly, the roller compactor adopts dry granulation. Dry granulation is different from wet granulation. There is no need to put adhesive into the materials, or increase the moisture content. It granulates under the normal temperature. The raw materials’ moisture is 5-10%. In this way, there is also no need for drying the formed granules, which cuts a lot of cost in your production. Besides, as the friction coefficient between the materials and the rollers is small, the energy cost is also much lower.

What’s more, this technology reduces the granulation cost compared with other granulators. And the production is relatively easy without adding any additives. It can not only keep the calcium oxide content and activity unchanged after granulating the active lime powder, but also maintain a certain mechanical strength of the active lime, so that the material is fully purpose of use.

limestone fertilizer pellets made by the production line

Therefore, you can use our double roller granulating machine to make high quality and functional limestone pellets with dry technology. There are different models and types of it in our factory, you can choose the one which is the most suitable to your taste.

How Does the Whole Limestone Granules Production Line Work?

limestone fertilizer pellets granulating machine

A limestone pellet granulation line is a process of convert limestone powder into small pellets. The process involves several steps, including grinding the limestone into a fine powder, mixing it with a blender, and then pressing it into small pellets using a pelletizer.

  • The first step in the process is to grind the limestone into a fine powder. This is typically using our hot sale new type vertical crusher to do it.

  • The powder is then mixed with a blender, such as disc mixer etc., which can help to hold the pellets together and provides additional benefits such as increased strength and water resistance.

  • Once the limestone and binder mixes together, the next step is to form the pellets. You can add limestone materials from the feed hopper, and then double roller press granulator rollers extrude pellets and release them from the mold.

  • Lastly, as the granulating machine makes limestone pellets with dry granulation method, there is no need to dry and cool to low down the moisture. Therefore, the pellets can send to package by out single(double) bucket automatic packaging machine and storage for commercial.

Overall, the limestone pellet granulation process can be a highly efficient way to produce high-quality pellets, which can apply in different fields.

Where Need A Production Line of Making Limestone Granules?

As we mentioned earlier, limestone is one important material for the production and development, it has wide application in industry, building, food, and agriculture etc. Therefore, our limestone granules production line also has a wide application in these fields to make contributions. Here we take two examples for references.

Therefore, limestone granules production line has many usages and can create huge economic values for you.

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