Limestone Pellets Granulating Production Line

Limestone pellets granulating production line is significantly important in the production of mine pellets. It can turn the limestone, which is a calcium carbonate rock mainly composed of calcite, into pellets for convenient use, storage, and transportation. We all realize the importance of limestone as an essential materials for architecture and industry. Besides, it also has a much broader application that beyond your imaginations. And you can gain great benefits from these usages. Therefore, a limestone granules production line is necessary in your factory.

limestone fertilizer granulation line

Here we introduce more information about the production line of making limestone pellets for your reference: reality background, granulation technology, working procedures, application and price. If you have more questions, or intentions of further business dealings, please contact our customer service. Answers for you within 24 hours.


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Limestone Resource Saving by the Granules Making Line

Preferred Dry Granulation for Turning Limestone Into Pellets

To turn limestone into pellets, you can use dry granulation method or wet granulation method. They both can granulate pellets efficiently. Many fertilizer manufacturers prefers the dry granulation method to make pellets, and here are the main reasons:

limestone granulation line raw materials

Firstly, the roller compactor adopts dry granulation. Dry granulation is different from wet granulation. There is no need to put adhesive into the materials, or increase the moisture content. It granulates under the normal temperature. The raw materials’ moisture is 5-10%. In this way, there is also no need for drying the formed granules, which cuts a lot of cost in your production. Besides, as the friction coefficient between the materials and the rollers is small, the energy cost is also much lower.

What’s more, this technology reduces the granulation cost compared with other granulators. And the production is relatively easy without adding any additives. It can not only keep the calcium oxide content and activity unchanged after granulating the active lime powder, but also maintain a certain mechanical strength of the active lime, so that the material is fully purpose of use.

limestone fertilizer pellets made by the production line

Therefore, you can use our double roller granulating machine to make high quality and functional limestone pellets with dry technology. There are different models and types of it in our factory, you can choose the one which is the most suitable to your taste.

How Does the Whole Limestone Granules Production Line Work?

limestone fertilizer pellets granulating machine

A limestone pellet granulation line is a process of convert limestone powder into small pellets. The process involves several steps, including grinding the limestone into a fine powder, mixing it with a blender, and then pressing it into small pellets using a pelletizer.

  • The first step in the process is to grind the limestone into a fine powder. This is typically using our hot sale new type vertical crusher to do it.

  • The powder is then mixed with a blender, such as disc mixer etc., which can help to hold the pellets together and provides additional benefits such as increased strength and water resistance.

  • Once the limestone and binder mixes together, the next step is to form the pellets. You can add limestone materials from the feed hopper, and then double roller press granulator rollers extrude pellets and release them from the mold.

  • Lastly, as the granulating machine makes limestone pellets with dry granulation method, there is no need to dry and cool to low down the moisture. Therefore, the pellets can send to package by out single(double) bucket automatic packaging machine and storage for commercial.

Overall, the limestone pellet granulation process can be a highly efficient way to produce high-quality pellets, which can apply in different fields.

Where Need A Production Line of Making Limestone Granules?

As we mentioned earlier, limestone is one important material for the production and development, it has wide application in industry, building, food, and agriculture etc. Therefore, our limestone granules production line also has a wide application in these fields to make contributions. Here we take two examples for references.

Therefore, limestone granules production line has many usages and can create huge economic values for you.

Price for Having A Limestone Pellets Granulating Production Line

How much does a limestone pellets granulation line cost? There are some important elements to be calculated in your budget.

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We're Here To Help Your Business

We’re Professional Manufacturer for Making Fertilizer Granulator!