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biomass pellets flat die granulator

Biomass is an important fuel source, which take use of plant materials and animal waste. As a professional biomass fuel pellet machine manufacturer, biomass flat die granulating machine has showed its perfect performance and huge development potentials. Biomass pellet machine price is deserving to buy after you reading the passage. You may have know it much in advance, oy you may have many questions and problems which need professionals’ help, you can contact our customer service later.

Here we are going to talk about the biomass pellets making machine’s model, working principle, application range, advantages and operation guidance of the biomass pellet making machine.


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Designs and Models about Our Biomass Flat Die Pellet Machine Price

Though there are many granulation machines types in our factory, flat die granulator is the most important type. But, why it is better? Or what makes flat die granulation machines is suitable for biomass pellets’ production? Here you can consider it from the two aspects below.

Above all, the unique designs make flat die granulator is much suitable to make biomass pellets than others. Besides, we can provide multi-models for you to go on production. The purchasing price is different according to the dies and models choosing. However, as this machine is much suitable to have a scale biomass granulation plant, the total cost will not to be very expensive.

biomass pellet flat die granulator

Our Biomass Fertilizer Making Equipment Adopts Dry Granulation Method

Flat die granulator equipment extrudes biomass pellets under the extrusion of the pressure roller. The biomass material such as bamboo shavings, sawdust, oat straw, wheat straw etc. is usually with 35-60 percent moisture. The materials are dry to put in and then you can get dry products from the outlet, too. They are convenient for sealed storage longer. It reaches the package moisture standard 20-25% easily. The high quality biomass pellet diameters are usually 2-10 mm pellets, and the granulation rate is up to 95%.

Because of this granulation method, it will cut the cost of dryer and cooler in the whole production line of biomass granulating machine. Besides, biomass pellets made by our flat die granulating machine usually have the advantages of robust construction and non-waste production, it plays an important role in providing power energy. You can gain a lot by making and selling competitive biomass pellets made by our flat die granulation machine. You can play our flat die granulation machines’ and biomass pellets’ largest economic values.

Where can you apply biomass fertilizer pellets granulating machine?

This is a good question. Biomass pellets granulating machine does have a wide application range, and we can divide them into two categories.

Wide raw materials for biomass pellets granulation

Biomass pellets granulation uses solid waste such as corn stalks, wheat straw, and rice straw of crops etc. as raw materials. After our flat die granulation processing, it becomes a small rod-shaped solid particle.

Wide application place for using biomass pellets making machine

The molded biomass pellet is a new type of bio-energy, which can replace firewood, raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc.

Firstly, you can trade the pellets made by our granulating machine to civil heating and energy consumption. They can provide high fuel utilization rate, and which are also easy for people to store. Secondly, biomass industrial boiler also takes wide use of biomass pellets. It can replace coal’s position nowadays. Your factory can reduce waste emission largely. Thirdly, you can use it to provide electricity. It is becoming the main fuel for thermal power generation.

The Reason that You Choose Biomass Granules Making Pellets Machine

There are many reasons that make you would like to buy granulate biomass pellets, for example, our high automatic biomass flat die granulation, our considerate whole-sale service, high reputation among customers etc. But the most important reason you choose our biomass granules making pellets machine is that you have realized the huge economic values for making and selling biomass pellets. Biomass pellets price is appropriate with high quality product.

granulator for biomass pellet

Generally speaking, the calorific value of biomass pellet fuel is only 85% of the calorific value of coal. The price of coal is generally relatively low. The price of biomass pellet fuel varies from 700 to 1000 depending on different regions, periods, and raw materials. But it’s a trend green and clean energy resource takes place of the traditional limited non-recyclable energy source. China, the United states, and the England etc. have already made the energy plan and took effects to update traditional energy structure. Biomass is an emerging key word nowadays, and biomass granulating machines are also emerging and booming.

You can purchase a biomass pellet-making machine at a minimum cost of Rs 70k-75k. But how much profits can you get from them is accountable. That’s why you use biomass granules making pellets machine, and it’s also the best time for you to choose our biomass pellet making machine.

How Do You Operate the Biomass Pellet Machine?

To operate biomass pellet machine with resonable price correctly , we will give you four tips from the beginning to the end to the pellets’ processing.

    1. After adding hyperbolic gear oil in the gearbox, the machinecan startwork.
    1. Install the granulator stably, adjust the belt’s tightness, and make sure whether the steering is normal, or whether the screws in each part are loose or not. If themachine is in a no-load stateand starts normally, it can be put into use.
    1. If there are more refined fibers during material processing, add5% of waterapproximately. The water will be lost during the extrusion proces
    1. Loosen the screwsafter processingand keep the rollers in a free state. Remove the upper and lower bins after the shutdown, especially the remaining materials under the spinner. These jobs are to avoid damage to the bearings.
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