Cow dung manure is the most commonly used material in organic fertilizer production. But fresh cow dung usually has a high moisture content between 70%-90%, which is not suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturing. What’s more, after producing organic fertilizer granules with wet granulation process, in order to easier transportation and storage, you need to reduce the particle moisture to 20%. Hence, it is necessary to dry the cow manure and finished pellets, and it runs through the whole process of organic fertilizer making.

And we have some successful cases. For example, on 17th April 2023, a customer from Brazil wanted to have a cow dung pellet drying machine. For this, as a professional equipment manufacturer, SX can provide him with a cow dung drying system. The following are the specific details of communication in this case:

How to Reduce the Pressure of Drying the Final Cow Dung Granular Fertilizer?

Then the client from Brazil wanted to improve the efficiency of drying cow dung fertilizer pellets, we recommended him to dehydrate the cow manure first when dealing with the cow manure in the early stage. This not only facilitates subsequent granule production, but also improves drying. So there are two types of dewatering machine for your choice.

solid liquid separator for cow manure

Screw Dewatering Machine for Low Moisture Cow Dung Processing

If you want to process cow dung with low water content of 50%-90%, screw dewatering machine is the best choice for you. It adopts physical extrusion dewatering method, which can remove excessive water from cow manure in a short time. And after dewatering, the moisture content of your cow manure material will decrease to 30%-40%.

Inclined Screen Dehydrator for High Water Content Cow Manure Drying

However, when you plan to compost cow manure which has high water content over 90%, it is wise to buy our inclined screen dehydrator. Before extrusion, inclined screen dewatering equipment will separate solid from liquid. Hence, it can dry high water content cow manure more effectively. And the separation rate can reach 95%.

inclined screen separator for cow dung

What Equipment is Needed in the Cow Dung Pellet Drying System?

Customer from Brazil wanted to transport conveniently after granulation, we recommended him to dry and cool the finished pellets.

pellet cow dung dryer ready to work

Rotary Drying Machine

What equipment can be used in the cow dung drying system after granulation? In this process, rotary drum dryer is your best option, especially pan granulation and rotary drum pelleting. Compared with dewatering equipment, it relies on high temperature to process cow dung manure granules. The temperature in drying drum can reach 300°C,so rotary drying machine can further reduce the moisture content of cow dung fertilizer pellets to a lower level, about 10%.

Rotary Cooling Equipment

Can we directly package cow dung fertilizer after rotary drum drying? No, we cannot. After rotary drying of cow dung manure, the temperature of final organic fertilizer is about 30°C – 40°C. Which will affect the quality of your cow dung organic ferilizer pellets and is not suitable for bagging and storing directly. So there is rotary cooling machine designed for you. It can reduce the excessive temperature of cow dung fertilizer quickly.

rotary cooler for cow dung

The above two kinds of equipment can increase the hardness of the particles, so as to facilitate the cow dung fertilizer transportation of customer from Brazil.

What is the Cost of Cow Dung Dryer?

After deciding what equipment is used in your cow dung pellet drying system, it is time to purchase it for your organic fertilizer manufacturing line. In this process, the pellet cow dung drying machine price is an item customer from Brazil must pay attention to. Then where to buy the pellet cow dung dryer at a low cost? You can choose SX Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. The price of SX cow manure pellet drying system is $ 20,000- $ 250,000. Why SX can provide you with cow manure drying machines at a favourable price? For one thing, we are a leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer and we have the strength to provide you with pellet drying machines at a low cost. For another, we are a source factory for cow manure fertilizer equipment manufacturing. So there is no extra charge during the transaction.

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