Because animal manure has a high organic matter content, the bio pellets produced from it are of great benefit to crops. So most fertilizer production project to invest in bio pellets production. Like the customer from Vietnam, who inquired about bio pellets fertilizer making machines on 12th March 2023. Finally, after discussing the details, he chose our flat die fertilizer granulation plant. The following are the specific details of communication in this case:


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Which Granulation Machine is Suitable for Bio Fertilizer Making?

The client from Vietnam had a animal manure treatment plant, so he wanted to use animal manure to prepare bio fertilizer pellets. Then first of all, it is essential to buy a type of suitable chemical pellet making equipment.

bio flat die granulator

For this, SX can offer you flat die pellet machine, pan pelletizer and rotary drum granulation machine. This Vietnamese customer needed to pelletize animal manure into a cylinder shape form and a lower cost bio fertilizer granulation line. Hence, we finally recommended him flat die pellet machine. Because this machine can help you make cylinder shape pellets. And it adopts dry extrusion granulation method, which mainly makes use of extrusion force between pressure roller and flat die to turn animal manure into bio fertilizer.

In this way, compared with using disc and drum granulator, there is no need of drying and cooling in bio flat die fertilizer granulation plant. So you can reduce the cost of fertilizer dryer and cooler purchasing and meet you shape’s requirement.

How to Design a Flat Die Fertilizer Granulation Plant Which can Produce 120 Tons of Bio Fertilizer Per Day?

Besides, this Vietnamese customer planned to prepare 120 tons of bio pellets a day. So he asked us can flat die granulation system finish it? Of course. Because if you keep the flat die pelleting line running 2 shifts a day and 10 hours a shift. It only needs to make about 6 tons of chemical fertilizer particles per hour. Then in general, the capacity of a flat die pellet machine is 1-3 t/h. Therefore, only by purchasing a system with two flat die granulators can you complete the production of 120 tons of bio pellets a day easily and quickly.

flat die granulator production line

Is this flat die fertilizer granulation plant suitable for larger scale bio fertilizer manufacturing?

flat die granulator to make bio fertilizer

The answer is yes! When you want to enlarge your bio fertilizer making business later, you only need to increase the number of flat die pellet machines. For example, if you want to setup a 10-20 t/h bio flat die fertilizer granulation plant, you can equip it with 4-6 flat die granulators. But for other fertilizer processing machines, including compost turner, crusher, mixer, screener and packaging equipment. You can choose to upgrade them or not freely according to your actual conditions.

How Much can you Buy a Latest Flat Die Fertilizer Granulation Plant?

Now, there are various flat die granulators on the market. You must see the model and specifications of the flat die pellet machine, before you pay for it. Because the prices of flat die granulators of different specifiations are different, so it leads to the flat die fertilizer granulation plant’s price is different. Generally speaking, the higher the capacity of the production line, the higher the price.

In addition, the prices of flat die fertilizer granulation plant produced by different manufacturers are also different. Some manufacturers’ flat die granulator production lines are sold with the help of third parties, and the prices are slightly higher. And some manufacturers sell it by themselves, and the price is generally the ex-factory price which is lower. For example, SX heavy industry is the later, our flat die granulator production lines are sold to customers at factory prices.

Factory Price

If you want to buy a latest flat die fertilizer granulation plant now, you can contact us and our latest quotation will be provided to you for free.