Zeolite Disc Pelletizer Production Line

Are you worried about how to dispose of zeolite rocks? Do you need a project design which can make zeolite pellets at a low cost? SX zeolite disc pelletizer production line can fully meet your requirements. It can help you produce high quality granules, whether you want to prepare organic granules or ore pellets. In addition, it mainly adopts wet granulation method, which can make final pellets more convenient for transport and storage. And the capacity of this disc granulation production line is about 1-6 t/h. Therefore, if you plan to start a small or medium granulation plant, it is an ideal choice for you.


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What Granulation Method is Used in the Zeolite Pan Granulation Plant?

The zeolite pan granulation line mainly adopts wet granulation method. It usually uses liquid as binder to increase the adhesive force between fertilizer powdery. So the final zeolite pellets have a higher density and are not easy to pulverize. This kind of zeolite granules is easier to transport and store. Then how to add liquid in the process of disc granulation line operation? We especially design a spraying device above the pan pelleting machine. After the powdery material is transported in the disc pelletizer and the disc starts rotating. You can control the amount of liquid added by the spraying device. It can greatly contribute to improving the quality of your zeolite particles.

How to Change the Size of Zeolite Pellets Produced in Disc Granulation Plant?

During granular zeolite making, there is an item many ore pellets manufacturers focus on. It is how to produce pellet of the required size? Or how to change granule size? SX engineers have two advice for you:

disc pelletizer for zeolite pellets with water spray

Control Moisture Content

Water content plays an important role in zeolite pellet size regulation. Generally speaking, less water, smaller size; much water, bigger size. And in order to make it easier to control the moisture content of zeolite material, we especially design spraying device above the pan granulating machine.

Adjust Pelletizer Disc Angle

For zeolite pan granulation line, there is also another method to change your zeolite particle size. You can finish it by adjusting the disc angle between 35 degrees and 55 degrees. Sharp slope, smaller size; slow slope, bigger size. Doing this, you can produce zeolite granule with a diameter you need within 1-8 mm.

Pan Slope Angle in disc granulator for zeolite

How to Design Pan Granulation Line for your Zeolite Pellets Production?

If you want to make high quality zeolite granules efficiently, besides suitable granulation manufacturing line, reasonable project design is also an aspect you need to pay attention to. SX can provide you with optimum granulation plant layout design out of charge. We will design it according to your actual conditions. It usually contains workshop area, budget, capacity, material, etc.

disc granulation fertilizer making plant for zeolite pellets

For example, if you plan to start a small scale zeolite granulation plant, we recommend you choose disc pelleting machine SXYZ-1800, SXYZ-2000 and SXYZ-2500. If you want to enlarge your zeolite pelleting production scale, it is advisable to use pan granulator SXYZ-2800, SXYZ-3000 and SXYZ-3600. And if your workshop area is not enough, it is an ideal choice to change belt conveyor to bucket elevator. If you also have any special requirements for pan granulation production line, you can contact us for customization.

What is the Process after Zeolite Pellets Granulation?

If you use disc granulator to make zeolite pellets, granules will have more moisture. Because this machine adopts wet granulation process, you cannot package after granulation. Hence, these processes can upgrade your pellets’ quality after pelleting.

Rotary Screener for Zeolite Pellets

This equipment can sieve out required size zeolite granules to transport them to the next process. At the same time, the leftover small or large particles will be returned to reprocess. In other words, you can produce granular zeolite with nearly no waste.

rotary sieve machine for zeolite granules
zeolite pellets dryer

Drying and Cooling

Because pan granulator adopts wet granulation method, there is still excessive moisture in produced zeolite pellets, about 45%-50%. In order to make fertilizer easy to transport and store, you’d better reduce it to below 25%. In this respect, rotary drying equipment and cooling machine are greatly helpful for you.

Automatic Granules Packaging Equipment

Finally, in order that finished zeolite pellets can be sold in a targeted way, you can package it in 10 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc. For this, we can provide you with single / double bucket automatic granules bagging machine.

single bucket zeolite pellets packaging

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Why Use Disc Pelletizer in Zeolite Granules Making System?

From past data, we found that many ore pellets suppliers buy disc granulator for their ore pellets production plants. Why? From the feedback of our customers, we summarized two reasons as follows:

High Granulating Rate

Our disc granulation plant has a high granulating rate of over 93%. This means this production line can produce more required pellets with the same amounts of raw materials. So you can complete process powder into granules quickly and reduce the material waste.

Automatic System

Automatic material clearing plate above the sticking materials, improving service life of equipment and saving labor. It only needs a control panel box for granulation machine to work. Therefore, it can save more labors for some small scale disc pelletizer ore pellet plant.

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