On January 26, 2024, a customer from Mauritius inquired about wanting to produce organic granular fertilizer with chicken manure, seaweed and sawdust as materials. This customer’s main business is the production of organic fertilizers from sea by-products. For this, after planning and discussing the detailed information, we customized a solution specifically for him. The following are the special information in this case:

What materials can make high quality organic fertilizer granules?

This Mauritian client prepared to turn chicken manure, sawdust and seaweed into high quality organic fertilizer granules. Why do you choose them for organic fertilizer pellets production? What nutritional value do they have?

This type of manure contains 5.5% organic matter content, 1.63% nitrogen, 1.54% phosphorus, and 0.85% potassium. In addition, processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer can also improve soil porosity, permeability and exchangeability and crop survival rate.

Wood chips have the effect of deodorizing and saving energy. Therefore, it is combined with chicken manure to produce organic fertilizer, which can effectively remove the odor caused by chicken manure. And in the subsequent fermentation process, it can effectively remove a variety of eggs and pathogenic bacteria brought by chicken manure. It is a very good excipient.

Seaweed is rich in trace elements. After a special chelation extraction process, the nutrients are more convenient for crops to absorb. Then its unique active substances make the absorption rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium reach 70%-80%. And the fertilizer absorption rate is more than twice that of other fertilizers. Therefore, the nutrients of crops, their own immunity and their ability to prevent diseases are greatly increased. More importantly, it can significantly increase the yield of various crops (by 10% to 60%).

organic materials into pellets

To sum up, mixing chicken manure, wood chips and seaweed to produce organic fertilizer is a good choice. And our organic fertilizer making equipment can fully adapt to these raw materials. Both parties reached a consensus.

What is the layout of organic fertilizer production project in Mauritius?

After choosing the suitable raw materials, we provided customer from Mauritius with two types of organic fertilizer production projects. Powdery and granular. The fertilizer machine used in these two organic fertilizer making lines is different.

powdery organic fertilizer making system

Powdery organic fertilizer making line equipment

When you want to turn chicken manure, sawdust and seaweed into organic fertilizer, you only need to buy several machines. They are organic fertilizer compost machine, load type feeder, crusher, powder screener, automatic packaging scale and belt conveyor.

Organic fertilizer pellets making system machines

But if you plan to make organic fertilizer granules, you need to purchase more equipment. In general, a complete organic fertilizer granulation system consists of composter, batching machine, crusher, mixer, powder screener, granulator, granules screener, dryer, cooler, coating machine, bagging equipment and belt conveyor. You can also choose suitable machines according to your needs.

organic fertilizer pellets production line in Mauritius

After introducing the above two solutions to the Mauritian customer, he finally chose the organic fertilizer granule line. And we discussed the details based on his fertilizer production plan.

How much does organic fertilizer granules making cost?

Finally, the customer from Mauritius wanted to know the quote of the organic granular fertilizer making line. The price is not fixed, because it is related to many factors. Capacity, design, equipment type, etc. However, the quote of a complete 1-20 t/h granular organic fertilizer production system is $110,000-$550,000. Is it high? No, all SX organic fertilizer machines are made of high quality alloy, which is high wear-resistant and erosion-resistant.

And we have complete after-sales service. If you have any problems after receiving the equipment, we will solve them in time. And we have a professional installation team that can help you install the entire production line. Then teach you how to run it. YSX is online 24 hours a day, you can communicate with us at any time.

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