New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

new type organic fertilizer granulator

A new type organic fertilizer granulator machine (stirring teeth granulator) is a fertilizer production machine for granulation. With this granulation equipment in your fertilizer plant, therefore, you can make different kinds of fermented organic matter into granulates. Besides, to make quality organic fertilizer pellets , we adopt new technology in organic fertilizer production. Thus, the pellets are usually ball-shaped and the organic content can up to 100%. The following is detailed information for your reference, which includes the new granulator’s working principle and procedure etc.


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How To Make Your Expected Pellets Size by the New Type Organic Fertilizer Pelletizer?

Before you buying this new type of fertilizer making machine, there are some basic information for your reference: its granulation method and commercial models. Below is the information about the granulation method.

The new type organic fertilizer granulator equipment uses mechanical agitation force and aerodynamic force to achieve granulation subsequently. They can make fine powder materials granulate continuously. Therefore, there is no need to dry and mix the raw materials.

One reason is because the stirring tooth mixes the pellets and makes the pellets crash with the blades and the tube wall. The other reason is that the machine adopts wet granulation. The moisture of feeding material is between 20%-40%. It is suitable for the machinery to start working directly. Therefore, the granulation rate is above 90%. Besides, the pellets’ diameters are usually 3-10 mm.

What Scales Can You Choose Among Our New Organic Fertilizer Pellet Making Machines?

Our factory mainly has five models of this organic fertilizer granulator type: JZ-600, JZ-800, JZ-1000, JZ-1200 and JZ-1500. Their production capacity can be divided into three categories:

Granulation Method for New Organic Fertilizer Pellet Equipment

In the making of a new type granulator organic fertilizer, our factory adopts wet granulation. And it’s working procedure is like this.

When a new type organic fertilizer granulation machinery works, you put adhesive into the raw materials. Then the granules will coalesce by the function of the adhesive. Then under the function of stirring tooth, the pellets’ hardness will improve greatly. The pellets’ strength is up to 20-25N.

By adopting such a granulation method, your finished products made by the new technology organic fertilizer plant granulation will have the advantage of high quality, beautiful shape, strong wear resistance, high hardness. It is beneficial for you to gain advantages in the fertilizer market.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulating Production Line Ready for Sale

What kind of raw materials are suitable for the production line’s process?

To make manure pellets, poultry manure, green manure, and other municipal solid waste are suitable raw materials for the new type organic fertilizer pellet making machine. After fermentation, these raw materials’ moisture is between 20%-40%. And the size of the feeding materials is 50 mesh. Then you can feed the materials into the machine to granulate.

Full production procedures in your plant to make qualified fertilizer pellets.

  • In a complete new type organic fertilizer pellet machinery production line, compost machines can ferment the raw materials and control their smelling, moisture and temperature. When the moisture is between 50-60%, and the temperature is between 40-50℃, the composting ends.

  • If there are too many blocks and other impurities like stones etc., you can use a new type vertical crusher or semi-wet material crusher to grind the materials.

  • Besides, you can add some biological or functional bacteria into the batching machine for various uses fertilizers’ production.

  • Then you can granulation by using the new type organic fertilizer granulate fertilizer equipment.

  • After granulation, drying and cooling are necessary for the granules. They control pellets’ moisture and temperature for packaging. Our factory provides the detailed parts for the whole dryer and cooler working line.

  • Then you can package the pellets and send them to the storehouse for selling.

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How To Buy A New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine in Our Factory?

  • If you want to buy new type organic fertilizer granulators at a low cost, firstly, the comparison is necessary. You can use more comprehensive and detailed websites like ours, for you to get the information you need.

  • Besides the price, the machine’s function and advantages than others are also very important. Our granulator can produce high hardness organic fertilizer pellets, which is an advantage that most factories don’t have.

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