Nowadays, for cow farm management, manure disposal is an item farmers must focus on. In this cases, it is an ideal choice to turn cow dung into organic granules fertilizer. In this way, you can not only dispose of cow dung easily, but also make more profits. But how to turn cow dung into pellets fertilizer? As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with suitable granulator for fertilizer plans. And we have had many successful cases. For example, on 23rd April 2023, a client from UK inquired about organic granules fertilizer production line for cow dung waste. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.


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What is the Best Humidity of Cow Dung for Organic Pellets Fertilizer Making?

The customer from UK told us that his farm had 300o cows and usually generates 20 tons per day cow dung, liquid and solid together. But excessive moisture content makes manure easier to attract parasites and is not suitable for organic granular fertilizer making. So separating solid from liquid is the first step for cow dung disposal. In this process, there are two things you must know:

Optimum Humidity for Dispose of Cow Dung into Granular Fertilizer

This client were doing this. But he asked us that what is the optimum water content for converting cow dung waste into granular fertilizer? Below 60%. Because when the moisture content of cow manure is between 45% and 60%,you can make aerobic fermentation of cow dung better. Then you can remove absolutely harmful substances from manure.

solid liquid separator

How to Separate Solid Cow Manure from Liquid Quickly

However, the humidity of fresh cow manure can even reach over 90%. How to reduce the water content of manure fast? SX design special manure dewatering machines for you. They can help you separate solid cow dung from liquid quickly and reduce the water content to 30% – 40%.

How to Dispose Cow Dung into Organic Granular Fertilizer After Dewatering?

Then this British client also wanted to know how the process is to make cow dung into organic fertilizer dewatering. According to his requirements of high profits, we recommended him granular organic fertilizer making line. In general, it consists of two stages as follows:

Making Cow Dung into Compost Fertilizer

As mentioned above, composting is process of eliminating the parasite, pathogens and grass seeds in cow manure. In this way, you can produce quality organic fertilizer which can supply rich nutrients to crops without scathe. Here, it is necessary to buy suitable cow dung compost equipment, which can help you make cow dung composting within 20 days.

Composting Time

Which Composting Machine is Suitable for your Cow Dung?

If you only plan to start a small cow manure composting, we recommend you choose windrow composting machine. But when you need a more economical manure composter, it is advisable to buy our groove type compost turner. Is there equipment for large scale fermentation of cow dung waste? The answer is yes. Wheel type compost machine is your best option.

Turning Composted Cow Dung Waste into Organic Fertilizer Pellets

But when you plan to prepare organic fertilizer from cow dung for high profits purposes, it is advisable to dispose of cow manure into granular organic fertilizer. In this process, after dewatering and composting, it needs seven steps.

Feeding composted cow dung into load type feeder.

Mixer can blend cattle waste with other materials evenly. So you can produce organic fertilizer particles with richer nutrient content.

Next, using screener to separate waste and large particles from cow dung waste powder.

cow farm for cattle waste disposal
cow dung compost turner production line

Dryer and cooler are another part of cow manure fertilizer drying system. Because in the process of wet granulation, they are essential to further reduce the moisture content of dairy waste fertilizer granule. So that the products can meet the international requirements (14%) for organic fertilizer.

This equipment will add a protective film to your cattle manure fertilizer particles. So your ferilizer has a longer storage time and better fertilizer effect.

Finally, you can packaging it with an automatic bagging scale directly.

What is the Cost of Cow Dung Granular Fertilizer Production?

Finally, the client from UK wanted to get the quote of the system which treat cattle waste into granular organic fertilizer.

Here, it is essential to ensure capacity. During communication, the British customer told us that there are 3000 cows with 20 tons generated per day. But liquid usually accounts for 2/3 of the whole. Hence, you can only produce 6-7 tons of cattle manure compost per day. Therefore, if you make the cattle manure fertilizer manufacturing system work 2 shifts a day and 10 hours a day, you only need to buy a 2 t/h granular fertilizer making system for your cow farm treatment project. And the price of this system is $110,000-$140,000.

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