When you make pellets with wet granulation process in the fertilizer granulation plant, these finished fertilizer have more moisture. But if you package them directly, it will lead to make unqualified pellets. So you need to dry them through drying machine in your production line. Like the customer from American, who inquired about drying machine on 12th March 2023. Finally, after discussing the details, he chose our granulate dryer in his production line. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.


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How to Set up a Granulate Line in American?

The client from American wanted to have a granulate line. So first of all, it is essential to know accordingly equipment and venue arrangement.

We recommend customer to divide the site into raw material processing area, pellet production area, drying area and packaging area. If the space is limited, customer can combine the production area and drying area into one.

Equipment is also important after determining the area. In the granulate dryer line, customer need drum dryer, cooler and packaging machine. These are basic equipment. After that, the production line will be perfected according to the type of granular fertilizer produced by the customer. If the customer produces granular organic fertilizer, it can configure a composter, pulverizer, mixer and granulator. If he wants to produce granular compound fertilizer, it can be replaced by batching machine, pulverizer, mixer and granulator.

After all the above parts are confirmed, the last thing is to confirm the number of workers needed. Because the drying line of SX is highly automated, the number of workers required is very small. One worker is needed for batching and flipping, and 1-2 workers are needed for packaging.

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Top 2 Types of Drying Machine for Animal Manure Disposal in American

Usually different fertilizer suppliers have different requirements for granulate dryer. Because there is disparity in their drying conditions. Such as material, it can be chicken manure and cow dung; capacity, it is small, medium and or large scale drying. So we design various drying machine for customer’s choice.

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Granulate Dryer for Small Chicken Farm Manure Drying

Is there a drying machine suitable for small chicken farm manure disposal? Of course. Customer from American can choose 1-2 tons per hour capacity of granulate dryer. That is, it can process 1-2 tons of chicken manure, which has a moisture content of 15%. In addition, because this machine only has the size of 1.2m*12m. Using it, he can make small scale organic fertilizer drying from chicken waste in his farm directly.

Drying Machine for Large Scale Cow Dung Processing

But when he wants to dry cow dung, it is necessary to buy a granulate dryer with a large capacity. Here, we can provide him with 1.8m*16m in drying machine with a capacity of 8-10 tons per hour. Generally, it can help you process 8-10 tons per hour of cow dung manure, which has a moisture of 15%-20%. If he would like to make moisture content to below 15%, he can configure the manure separator when he dispose of his material.

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