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Granulation sieve machine is important for the final pellets’ quality in Fertilizer Production Line sibiificantly. With this pellet screening equipment, therefore, you can separate quality granules in the fertilizer production process after granulation. However, in organic fertilizer production line, our customers can also use it to screen the impurities like stones, plastic bags etc. before making fertilizer pellets.

Thus, granulation sieve has an important role in producing high quality pellets. Do not know what types of granulation screening machine is suitable for your fertilizer granulation plant? Here is more information about granulation screener in our factory for your reference:

  • Firstly, the technological parameters of granulation screen, which helps you to choose the most suitable screening machine.

  • Secondly, the inner relationship between granulation method and sieve.

  • Thirdly, the way that our separator screens qualified pellets.


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2 Essential Information for Your Reference before Buying Granulating Sieve Machines

Whatever Dry or Wet Granulation Method, Granules Sieving Nachines Can Screen the Qualified Fertilizer Pellets.

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There are two mainly granulation methods that granulators adopt: wet granulation and dry granulation. Wet granulation makes pellets’ moisture is higher than the dry granulation. Will the wet fertilizer pellets affect granulation sieve equipment’s works?

In fact, Granulation methods don’t affect the normal run of sieve machine for granulated fertilizer in our factory. Compared with the traditional rotary screen’s sieve, which hole is easy to be blocked and then the screening efficiency is low. People have to control the pellets’ moisture to guarantee that the sieve have a long using life. However, our granulation sieve has been designed to overcome these problems.

A plate-type sieve cleaning mechanism can prevent from blocking.

Our screening equipment is equipped with a plate-type sieve cleaning mechanism, which you can use water clean the screens easily without disassembling the whole part down. During the sieving process, no matter how viscous, wet, or miscellaneous the materials entering the separation sieve are, the relative movement between the sieve cleaner and the sieve body will never block the sieve mesh, which improves the screening efficiency of the equipment.

Drying and cooling can solve the blocking problems efficiently.

It’s common that our customers equip drying and cooling machine for the wet granulation machines. The granulated pellets will go through these produces before screening, which can adjust the moisture to 20%-25% degrees. And then you can pour the pellets into the screener for getting qualified pellets. In this way, the granulating machines’ method for making fertilizer pellets will not affect the normal function of sieving machine at all.

How Do You Screen Qualified Fertilizer Pellets for Sale by Granulation Sieve?

To make the fertilizer pellets after screening are suitable for sale, you can choose the right screen sizes and modes in your fertilizer granulation. We can produce the tailored screen for you to make competitive pellets according to your and market’ requirements.

Screen is a mesh product that can classify and screen particles, which can meet industry, institution, and standard approval. There are usually have requirements and regulations about the type of the screens in the fertilizer market. We can help you to choose the most appropriate one according to your kinds of fertilizer pellets and screening machine’s model.

In this way, we can improve out pellets’ quality and competitiveness greatly in the market as you can provide the most uniform and smooth pellets than others.

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