Wet granulation is the use of water to agglomerate materials into balls. This production technology can produce fertilizer with high nutritional value. Then you can use disc granulation machine and drum granulator to granulate. SX has an independent factory to produce equipment, which can provide you with suitable factory prices. If you are interested in wet granulation, you can consult us for details.


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How to Produce Fertilizer with Wet Granulation?

The biggest difference between wet granulation and dry granulation is the need for drying and cooling after granulation. The production process will be more complicated. So how to use wet granulation technology to make fertilizer pellets?

Composting the Materials

First of all, in order to get the granulation state, composting the materials is necessary. Through composting, materials’ temperature will heat up that can kill the disease eggs. And Until the temperature no longer changes, the fermentation is complete. We can provide you the professional composting equipment. During the composting process, the stirring teeth on the equipment can initially crush and stir the materials to prepare for the subsequent wet granulation production.

Crushing Materials with Wet Granulation Production

Then crushing the materials is the second step. These materials’ size is different.  If you do not crush them and use them granulating directly, it will influence your working efficiency. Crushing them can help the subsequent wet granulation production and prevent damage to equipment caused by bulky materials.

vertical crusher for wet granulation

Mixer to High Nutritional Material

After crushing, mixing is also important in wet granulation. If you want the final fertilizer to have a higher nutritional value, you can add some bacterial agents and stir it with the raw materials. For this, it can blend these materials evenly and make the nutrients more thorough mix.

Granulating with Two Equipment

This step is the key to wet granulation. Use this technology to granulate, you can use rotary drum granulator and disc granulation machine. At the mixing stage, the moisture of materials is below 30%. So during the process of granulation, you need to improve the moisture of materials to 45%-50%. And you can add sprinklers to them to add water during the granulation process.


In order to facilitate your subsequent transportation and sales, the bagging of granules requires moisture below 25%. So you need to dry and cool. A lot of exhaust gas will be generated during the drying process, we can provide you with a dust collector to ensure the wet granulation production environment.

Packaging the finished fertilizer

Finally, you can package the finished fertilizer. We have high-speed packaging equipment with high packaging precision, and the weight of each bag is consistent. If you have more budget, you can also equip a palletizer. It can help you better handle your packaged fertilizer.

What is the Price of Wet Granulation Equipment?

you need to know the price of equipment depend on the model and function. Higher capacity, the increase of function and complicated production process will raise the cost of equipment. So as a manufacturer of wet granulation equipment, SX has its own production factory. That is to say, we can provide you factory price and do not have middleman’s price difference for customers. And SX can also provide you a suitable fertilizer production project according to your budget and requirements.

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Wet Granulation Equipment for You to Choose in SX

As mentioned above, you can use rotary drum granulator and disc granulation machine with wet granulation. Both of them have high granulation rate and you can apply them to various fermented organic waste,such as chicken manure, cow dung and so on. Then our professional engineer will introduce them for details.

The above is the details of wet granulation. And we also have dry granulation production to provide for you. Inquiry us for details.

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