Applicable equipment for dry granulation includes double-roll granulation machine and flat die granulator. These two produce compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer respectively. There are too many types of raw materials for compound fertilizers, and the ingredients inside are complex. Dry granulation can well guarantee the retention of raw material nutrients. Since the raw material is not uniform in size, you can produce it after crushing. Next, our experts will explain the details of dry granulation for you.


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Why Should you Choose Dry Granulation to Make Fertilizer?

Dry granulation is usually suitable for the granulation production of compound fertilizers and blended fertilizers, such as NPK fertilizers and BB fertilizers. If you use wet granulation to produce these two fertilizers , the ingredients in them may react chemically when they meet water. And it will also lead to the volatilization of nutrients, which will reduce the nutrient content of the produced fertilizer. However, dry granulation is suitable for raw materials with a moisture content of 10%-15%, and you do not need to add additional water. Therefore, this process can well lock the nutrients in the raw materials, and the granules produced have higher nutritional value.

How Do You Dispose of the material Before Producing Fertilizer with Dry Granulation?

Since dry granulation belongs to extrusion granulation, it has higher requirements on the state of the material. Usually, using powder materials mainly for extrusion granulation. But there are many types of raw materials suitable for dry granulation, such as ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, potassium chloride and potassium sulfate. The shapes and sizes of these raw materials are inconsistent, making subsequent granulation difficult. So the fertilizer grinder is essential. It can turn these raw materials into uniform size after crushing, which is convenient for subsequent granulation.

What Equipment Can You Choose to Use Dry Granulation Technology for Fertilizer Production?

The dry granulation process can not only produce compound fertilizers and blending fertilizers, but also organic fertilizers. The equipment you use to produce different fertilizers is also different. To produce organic fertilizer you can use a flat die granulator. For compound fertilizers and blended fertilizers you can use double roller granulation machine.

Flat Die Granulation for Organic Fertilizer Production in Dry Granulation

The flat die granulator presses the material into the hole diameter of the die plate through the continuous rotation of the pressing roller to form a long strip. Under the action of the cutter, it is cut into columnar particles of suitable length. This extrusion granulation method does not have high requirements on the moisture content of the material, and it is usually more suitable to control it at 8%~10%.

If the moisture content is too low, bonding the materials will not be well together, and even if they form particles, they will easily fall apart. When the moisture content is too high, squeezing the material easily into agglomerates, which will block the mesh, and also cannot form particles well.

Double-roller Press Pelleting Machine to Make Compound Fertilizer for Dry Granulation

The production of fertilizer by the double-roll extrusion granulator is to put the raw material from the feed hopper, and press it through the high-pressure roller body to form it. You don’t need to dry and cool after granulation, it can be packed directly. Compared with wet granulation, the production process is simple and the production cost is reduced.

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