Cattle Dung Fertilzer Granulator

Cow dung has high organic nutrient and is one important raw material to make organic fertilizer. Currently, People have realized that they have extreme high economic values. Our company also realized this point. Cattle dung fertilizer granulator, we have researched and developed according to the cow dung’s nature and characteristics so far.

We are going to talk about cow waste disc fertilizer granulator and rotary drum churning pelletizer in our factory especially. The contents are about their designs and functions, hot sale reasons all around the world and purchase ways.


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Cow Manure Fertilizer Pellets Making Machine’s Types and Designs

5 Tons Production Scale of Cattle Dung Fertilizer Granulator

cattle dung fertilizer granulator

If you are going to set a large scale cow dung fertilizer granulation factory, as a result, the two in one granulating equipment will be your best choice. It can make cow dung granules 5-8 tons in one hour. We can make a easy calculation. In one month, if you operate this machine to make cattle manure pellets 8 hours every day, the production capacity is up to 1200-1920 tons.

However, compared with our cow dung pellet rotary drum churning making machine, the disc granulator may not have such high production ability. It can make cow dung granules 0.02-6 tons in one hour. In the same calculation, you can have cow waste fertilizer granules 4.9-1440 tons monthly in your cow fertilizer granulator production. But compared with other pan granulators in the cow poultry fertilizer making business, we have competitive advantages in the production capacity than factories. You can have a look and make a comparison by yourself.

Drum Churning Granulation Machine’s Benefits in Making Cattle Dung Fertilizer

Our machine make cow manure pellets have rich organic contents.

Our cow fertilizer rotary drum churning granulator making machine make qualified cattle waste fertilizers. When we design the two machines, how to keep nutrients is one important point for our engineers. After many experiments and practices, they provide appropriate elements’ amount that plants’ growth needed. You can choose us as your reliable business partner.

It helps protect land resource and environment.

Apparently, traditional agriculture adopts fertilizer which has damages to the plants and land. It has caused many social problems and worries. Our cattle dung pellets fertilizer granulator makes organic fertilizer much harmless. It can play an important role for solving the agricultural production and plant growth problems. Besides, it can also ease environmental crisis caused by over fertilization etc.

You can have a lower cost by using our cow manure rotary drum churning pelletizer.

Though cow dung is an important raw material for organic fertilizer production, it’s too difficult for you to get plenty of cow waste. The price is also much cheaper than most organic fertilizer raw materials. Even you can get free cow droppings from farms sometimes.

Granulators Turn Cattle Manure Into Pellets with Wet Granulation Technology

Our pan fertilizer pellet making machine and rotary drum churning granulation machine use wet granulation. The cattle manure’s moisture requirements are 45%. If the moisture is too low, it’s harder to form ball-shape, and then the productivity will be much lower. However, if the moisture is too high, there will be bigger ball-shape granules. So the moisture control is very important.

In the production of pan granulation equipment, we provide hose and sprinklers to make them increase moisture at a certain amount and a fixed time. It makes sure the appropriate moisture with a low cost but high efficiency.

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In the same way, rotary drum churning granulation machine also uses wet granulation. Therefore, if you have questions about the technology or other aspects of disc fertilizer granulator and rotary drum churning pelletizer, please contact our customer service. We will you a satisfying answer.

How To Buy A Cow Manure Pellet Making Machine?

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