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As pellet feed mill manufacturers, it’s important for you not only to produce high quality feed pellets, but also to have feed pellets granulators with good performance. You can find much more information about feed granulating machines and manufacturers easily nowadays. Web search and global shopping platforms are the two important tools for you. Therefore, it’s much convenient for you to enter into our website.

In our factory, flat die granulating machine is our main type for making feed pellets. You can know more about it in the passage.


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How Does Our Granulation Machine Make Feed Pellets?

Our flat die granulation machine can both produce fertilizer pellets and feed pellets. You can through data to get familiar with it soon. The capacity is up to 0.08-2.5 tons per hour. Diameter of columnar particles are usually 2-10 mm. Besides, the granulation rate is up to 95%. In our factory, there are three feed pellets flat die making machines for you to choose: SXPM-400, SXPM-500, and SXPM-600. The power they cost is 30-45 kw.

  • But how does our flat die granulating machine make feed pellets? Here is a short description of it.

Flat die granulator equipment extrudes pellets from the die hole under the extrusion of the pressure roller. You can add various additives into the pellets’ processing subsequently. The materials are dry to put in and the dry products get out from the outlet. Certainly, the natural temperature is up to 70-80 degrees, which can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites easily, and ensure organic matter content.

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Feed Flat Die Pelletizing Machine is Deserved to Buy

Pellet feed mill manufacturers can choose the best feeds pelletizer machine, from the outlook, or production capacity, granulating manufacturer’s location etc. However, here is one obvious difference that our feed pellet granulation machine compares with other granulation machines, which is that your money cost is deserve to buy our feed pellets flat die granulation machine.

On website, you can find that one set flat die granultor in our factory is $2800-8100 actually. In other factories, whose production capacity can reach our level, but the price is much more expensive, they sell at least for $5000. Some sell for at least $3500 around. Some flat die granulating machines’ prices are cheaper, but the production capacity hasn’t achieved our level. 300-500 kg/h feed flat die granulator sell $2900-7500.

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