Pellet Bagging Equipment

In the whole production line, package the qualified pellets into sack is the final part. After then, you can storage the bagged fertilizer and wait for selling. Packaged organic or compound fertilizer makes you transport and sell fertilizer in a large scale more easily. Thus, it is necessary to equip with a pellet bagging equipment in the complete automatic fertilizer production line. Our factory recommends the single (double) bucket automatic packing scale for you. Here is the information about its technological parameters and other precautions for your reference.


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How Does Our Customized Pellet Packing Machine Works?

In our factory, you can choose either single bucket, or double bucket automatic packing machine. There would not be too much differences besides the packing capacity. It adopts the integrated structure. The scale is not too high, which will not make the pellets throw out the sacks. The system’s quantitative precision is 2%. And how does it bag the qualified fertilizer pellets?

What Bags Can You Use When Packing Fertilizer Pellets with Our Machine?

1.Pellet bagging equipment with sack is suitable for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Pellet bagging equipment usually pack the pellets with sack, not plastic or paper. The materials of sack can prevent from the corrosion. They have good toughness and they are no taste. It can package the pellets sacks after you have adjusted the packaging weight and speed. In this way, it is suitable for both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer’s package.

2.Market fertilizer packaging standard and data for your reference.

The size of the fertilizer packaging bag with the same net content is related to the specific gravity of the fertilizer, particle size, etc. However, in the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer market, sellers always sell them at the quantity of 10kg, 25kg, 40kg, 50kg, etc. In this way, you can adjust the packaging numbers to make appropriate sacks’ scales for packaging fertilizer pellets.

In general, the fertilizer should be filled to two-thirds of the height of the bag. The size of 50kg is generally 58*105cm or 60*103cm, the size of 20kg is 450*750mm (standard size, 450*800mm should be replaced when crimping), and the size of 25kg is 450*850mm. If an inner bag is added, the size of the fat bag should be increased by 3-5cm.

The Differences between Bagging Equipment for Powder and Granule Pellets

granules pellet bagging equipment

As the density of powder and granules is different, their fertilizer pellets’ producing procedures are also different in the production line:

Powder fertilizer pellets go through fermentation and compost, feed, crush, batch, mix and package.

However, granule pellets’ production needs to increase other procedures like drying, cooling and coating after granulation. Sometimes, it will need to screen the unqualified pellets again before packaging.

Similarly, powder and granule pellets’ packaging are also different, which mainly show as the different precision of granular packaging and powder packaging. The powder can wrap in granules, but the granules cannot wrap in powder.

powder pellet bagging equipment
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