Fertilizer Granules Polishing Machine

The organic fertilizer granules polishing machine aims to make the pellets seem much more beautiful and more like a ball-shape initially. It always works with other granulation machines, such as, flat die granulator. Therefore, it can make cylindrical pellets into ball-shape for one time without returning materials. The organic fertilizer polishing machine applies to chicken manure and other animal manure organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers production. Besides, you can also choose bio fertilizer pellets etc. as your main materials to polish.

Here is more information about its designs, working ways and models for your reference subsequently.

fertilizer granules polishing machine

How Do We Design Organic Fertilizer Granule’s Polishing Machine?

Every ball granulator machine part is functional and important for the machine’s stable running significantly .

What’s the organic fertilizer round pellet polishing machine’s structure?

  • Organic fertilizer polishing machines have multi-layers according to your needs. Firstly, there is a large cylinder, and on its top is a cover. They fix at the top of the rack. Secondly, on the bottom of the large cylinder, there is a big turntable. It connects with the rack by a vertical shaft and two self-aligning ball bearings. The bottom of the vertical shaft connects with the motor output shaft by the reducer or pulley.

  • Then, the upper portion of the vertical shaft projects into the large cylinder, and rigidly connects to the big turntable by flange. The outer edge of the large turntable connects with the inner wall of the large cylinder.

In summary, the machine composes of two or more cylinders arranged in sequence, and the material is discharged from the discharge port after several times of centrifugal throwing. Thus, the yield can go up to 95%.

Characteristics of polishing machine’s designs.

  1. High production capacity. Single or several granulators use at the same time, which solves the disadvantages of complicated process and large equipment investment caused by the need for granulators to be equipped with rounding machines in the past. The smallest polishing machine in our factory can polish pellets 1-2 tons in an hour.
  2. It makes the finished product’s particle size consistent. The material discharges after rounding many times. The finished product has uniform particle size and high density.
  3. Wide range for application. Because it has a strong ability to prevent overload, which makes it adapt to the different materials and environments quickly.
  4. It’s easy to operate and maintain. As for its simple structure, you can operate it easily. You can use it directly with a manual in your hand.

Which Type of Organic Fertilizer Round Ball Machine Can You Choose?

In our factory, there are mainly four types of ball granules fertilizer polishing machine for sale: SXPY-800, SXPY-1000, SXPY-1200, and SXPY-1500.

SXPY-800 round shape granules polishing machine can make pellets 1-2 tons in an hour. The disc diameter is up to 800 mm. It’s suitable for small scale production.

SXPY-1000 model polish pellets 2-3 tons in an hour, and the SXPY-1200 model can make the round pellets 3-5 tons per hour. Instead, they’re more appropriate for medium scale production.

And SXPY-1500 can polish pellets up to 5-8 tons per hour. Instead, it’s suitable for large scale fertilizer production.

fertilizer polishing machine models

If you want to use $2000 to buy a polishing machine, you can buy our SXPY-800 model. For other types, you can give us your inquiry and we can give you more information.

Besides, you can also choose a grade for your organic fertilizer polishing machine. One grade round fertilizer polishing machine has only one cylinder in the polishing part. It is suitable for small-scale manufacturers. Multi-grade round fertilizer polishing machine has a large processing capacity and is suitable for larger-scale fertilizer producers. We can cuatomize the disc number according to your production needs.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Granules Polishing Machine

Round shape granules polishing machine is composed of one, or mutli-grade polishing cylinders. You put various kinds of fertilizer granules into the polishing cylinder. Through high speed rotation,which can arrive 500 rpm, the granules turn spherical and flow out from the outlet into the next polishing cylinder. The granular fertilizer continues to be polished till it flows out. The fine dust flows out from the outlet on the other side.

3 Tips for You to Use A Fertilizer Pellets Rounding Machine Safely

Here are three tips for you to operate our fertilizer granules rounding machine. There is more information for you to operate safely and stably. Besides, you can ask our customer service for more information.

1. Installation:

The machine should place directly on the level concrete floor. The belt conveyor that transports the material should be aligned with the inlet and outlet.

2. Debugging:

After the installation of the round polishing machine is completed, what’s more, it is necessary to check whether the parts are fastened, whether there is friction between the turntable and the cylinder. And then conduct a no-load test run. The machine relies on the rapid rotation of the polishing disc to round the particles. There are no requirements on the rotating direction, but there should be no vibration during the test run. The temperature of the spare bearings should rise steadily, and the temperature of each component should not be higher than 50℃.

3. Maintenance:

The lubricating oil of the bearing should be changed every three months. Besides, the type is No. 3 calcium base grease lubricating oil.

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