Rotary Drum Granulator Production Line

Rotary drum granulator production line for making fertilizer is hot sale among our customers. In the whole production line, every machine play their parts and contributes to the production of high quality fertilizer significantly. They can make beautiful shape, smooth surface, and high hardness fertilizer pellets for commercial.

In the market, because agriculture always has a large demands for high nutrition, high quality, large quantity of fertilizer pellets to go on plant and production. Thus, our rotary drum granulating production line can help you achieve this goal much more easily. You would have better production efficiency by our rotary drum granulating production line. Here is more information about it for your reference.


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Rotary Drum Granulation Machine Plays Its Role in the Fertilizer Making Plant

How Does the Rotating Drum Granulation Production Line Works?

rotary drum granulation production line

The Features and Advantages of Rotary Drum Granulating Production Plant

Advanced technology supports rotary drum granulating plant.

Our company have technological innovation in the drum granulator production line. The machines in the production line are operated automatically. After you ensure every part is under normal condition, then you can press the buttons. Later, you can arrange some workers to supervise the whole production line’s running. There is usually one labor at the compost procedure, one labor at the feeding part, and 2-3 labors at the process of packaging. It is a fully automatic production line.

It can provide high quality service for you in a long time.

When the plant can produce pellets with high ball forming strength and good appearance quality, it can also resistant the corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can provide a long service life for you, which can up to 8 years.

You can have high granulation rate without too much waste’s generation.

The fertilizer production line has high ball forming rate and high drying efficiency. The ball forming rate reaches 70%. There is a small amount of returned material, and can be re-granulated.

How To Get A Quotation about Our Rotary Drum Pellet Exactly and Correctly?

As you have interests in our products, you can send us your inquiry. There is some information which is necessary for you to mention in the inquiry. Here we can give you some tips about how to give us your quote about rotary drum granulation line.

Raw material:

Please introduce your raw materials for making fertilizer pellets in the inquiry in detail. We have experiences in making organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. But we need to design the best plan for your rotary drum granulation plant according to the characteristics of your raw materials. Requirements about other additives’ adding and multi-raw materials’ matching are reasonable, and we will consider them and try our best to satisfy your demands.

Production capacity:

What production capacity do you want your rotary drum granulation line has? You can make a survey to your fertilizer market at first, and then decide what range of production capacity is suitable to your plant. Besides, what machines have you decided to buy for the plant, and are they enough for the production capacity you want in the production line? Through these ways, you can have a much clearer expression about the line’s production capacity in your inquiry. And we can provide you the best plan according to your detailed requirements.

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