Feed Pellet Production Line

It is a wise choice for you to build a full feed granules granulation production line. Hence, if you are a new manufacturer for producing and selling feed pellets, you should set up a complete feed pellets making line to help you start scaled and automatic production. Instead, if you already have a full set of pellets granulation lines, it is also necessary to know more about how the feed pellet production line works. Because you can’t make sure whether the single feed pellet granulation machine can adjust to your old granulation line perfectly. Is the production line design reasonable for feed pellet granulation machines? Is it easy and worthy for you to adjust the factory layout for feed pellet granulator? If you are one of them, this passage will be very fitting for you.

feed pellet production line

Here we are going to talk about our feed pellet production line subsequently. The topics are about the feed granulating machines used in the plant, working principle of the production line, the other important machines you need, raw materials’ choosing and processing, and our service’s brief introduction. Therefore, you will choose a much satisfying feed pellet production line for yourself.


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What Benefits Can You Get by Setting Up A Feed Pellet Granulation Production Plant?

In our factory, flat die granulator is the main machine type for making feed pellets. Thus, flat die granulating equipment is the core of your whole feed pellets granulator production line. After you know the reasons for having a customized feed pellet mill plant, how about the benefits? What can you get by setting up a feed pellet granulation production plant? There are mainly two advantages for your reference.

Raw Materials that You Can Add Into the Feed Pellet Production Line

Before you operate the feed pellets pelletizer production line, it would be better that you have prepared the raw materials before.

Like corn, soybean meal, rice husk, grass, straw, etc. are the most suitable raw materials for feed pellets granulation. You can have much more smooth and beautiful pellets because they are much easier to crush into powdery and mix with other materials. As a result, there will not be too large blocks and impurities to handle with. Besides, if you want to make pellets much more beautiful, as we mentioned above, a polishing machine will play an important role.

feed pellet production line raw material

And how do we turn these materials into feed pellets? Below is a comprehensive and detailed description of it.

The Main Working Procedures of A Feed Pellets Making Machine Line

Secondly, in the grinding process. It shall deliver the feed materials, such as straw, to the hammer mill through the conveying equipment, which is equipped with iron removing device.

Thirdly, through the micro-element adding hopper, the fungus seeds and raw materials can be added to the mixing machine for mixing. After evenly mixed, it enters the next section.

Forthly, Feed pellets press extrudes the rollers and dies to granulate all kinds of fermented organic materials. It adopts dry granulation. There is no need to dry and cool feed pellets later. The capacity is up to 0.08-2.5 tons per hour.

At the last, packing section, you can choose an appropriate packing scale according to your production needs and the market standards. The packing scale has high automation degree and high packing accuracy. Besides, the weighing system is a sensor measuring system with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.

Some Important Machine Parts in Your Feed Pellets Granulation Factory

Because straw is one important material for making feed pellets, here we are going to introduce  straw crusher. This product can ensure the standard rate of the finished product. And it can solve the inconvenience caused by the unevenness of the finished product. It makes the flat die granulator extrude feed pellets efficient.

The vertical disk mixer is a hybrid device specially used in organic fertilizer mixing. It has high -mixing efficiency. The spiral blades use high -wear -resistant special alloy. It can mix the different materials evenly. You can batch some ingredients like functional bacteria to improve feed pellets’ effects.

After your granulation, it’s important to make every feed pellet bag’s quantity and package up to the market’s standard. Therefore, you can choose the automatic packaging machine. It has dual -bucket packaging scale and single -fighting packaging scale. The system quantitative accuracy is two -thousandths. You can control bagging speed and bag weight easily.

What Services Can We Provide for Your Feed Pellets Granulation Plant?

service for granulation plant

We always aim to give the best service to our customers. After you decide to buy our feed granules making machine production line, we can provide you these services for your feed pellets granulating production line.

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