Extrusion Granulator Fertilizer Plant Cost

With the increasing demand for compound fertilizers and the need for NPK fertilizer production. More and more companies choose to extend their business to the field of compound fertilizer production. And most of them plan to build a extrusion granulator fertilizer preparation plant. During this process, compound fertilizer manufacturing plant cost is an important factor in which method and equipment they choose to produce compound fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX designs compound fertilizer production lines with different budgets for your choice. If you have any special requirements, we also can provide customization service for you. So if you are interested in it or want to know more details, please contact us quickly.


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What is the Cost of Extrusion Granulator Fertilizer Plant Set up?

Generally speaking, you can use double roller press granulator to make compound fertilizer. And for this, SX can offer you professional granular compound fertilizer production system. How much do it cost?

If you want to make more profits from compound fertilizer manufacturing with low investment, we recommend you choose our extrusion granulator fertilizer production line. Compared with rotary drum granulation manufacturing line and disc pelletizer fertilizer plant, it has a simple process. It mainly needs batching machine, manure crusher, mixer, granulator, granular screener, automatic granules bagging machine and belt conveyor. So the budget of a granular compound fertilizer plant setup is $ 102,311- $ 300,000 with 1-15 tons per hour.

Extrusion Granulator Fertilizer Plant

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Small, Medium and Large Scale Compound Fertilizer Plant?

Capacity also plays an important role in the investment of compound fertilizer plant setup. Usually, the larger the output of compound fertilizer production, the higher the price.

double roller granulation production plant

1-5 t/h Small Scale Compound Fertilizer Plant Cost

Provided you want to start an small compound fertilizer production plant, you must buy compound fertilizer machines with a small capacity. Such as static batching machine, semi-wet material crusher, SXPJ-1800 disc crusher, double roller granulator, SXGS-1240 screener, single bucket automatic packing scale and so on.

They generally have a lower price than the large output one. Therefore, the cost of 1-5 t/h compound fertilizer pellets making line is $ 102,311- $ 134,709.

5-10 t/h Medium Scale Compound Fertilizer Factory Investment

When the scale of your compound fertilizer increases, you need to replace your small fertilizer processing machines. For 5-10 t/h medium scale compound fertilizer factory setup, it is advisable to use dynamic batching machine, SXFLF-800 new type vertical crusher, double shafts horizontal mixer, extrusion granulator, SXGS-1560 screener, double bucket automatic bagging machine and so on.

In this way, you need to invest $ 134,709-$ 213,310 in 5-10t/h granular compound fertilizer plant setup.

5-10 tph Medium Scale Compound Fertilizer Factory
roller granulator production line

10-15t/h Large Scale Compound Fertilizer Plant Budget

Then how much does it take to set up a large scale compound fertilizer plant with a capacity of 10-15 t/h? It will cost $ 213,310-$ 300,000 to produce compound fertilizer pellets.

For this, you can buy dynamic batching machine, SXFLF-1000 new type vertical crusher, SXWJ-1630 horizontal mixer, double roller granulator, SXGS-2080 screener, double bucket automatic bagging machine and so on.

How to Design the Extrusion Granulator Fertilizer Plant at the Best Cost?

In order to save planning investment, shorten construction period, reduce production cost and make full use of land resources, you can divide the factory into the following three parts according to production needs and use function.

Production Area

The production area is the main part of the factory area. Therefore, it is very important to design the production area reasonably. we have engaged in the fertilizer equipment production for many years. We can give you some suggestions about designing the compound fertilizer production area.

Work and Living Area

When designing this area, you should consider compound fertilizer production place. For working staff’s health and normal living, you should arrange living area at upwind position of production area.

Public Facilities Area

In order to make it more convenient for staff to work and transport raw materials and products, the public facilities area should be set up near the living area.

How to Build Extrusion Granulator Fertilizer Plant with Lower Investment?

There are many factors that affect the cost of building a compound fertilizer plant. High quality equipment, reasonable layout, reliable equipment manufacturer and buying place.

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