For NPK fertilizer production, most fertilizer manufacturers are prone to turn powder NPK into pellets. In this process, it is necessary to buy a suitable NPK fertilizer granulator. But how choose an ideal fertilizer pellet making equipment for your NPK fertilizer preparation project? As a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, SX recommend you consider it in two aspects. Scale and cost. If you have any other requirements, you can contact us immediately for customization.


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Small or Large Capacity NPK Fertilizer Granulator for your Choice

Summarizing the feedback of our past customers, there are two kinds of NPK fertilizer granulators for your choice. Pan pelletizer and rotary drum granulation machine. What is the difference between them? The most obvious difference is that they are commonly used on different scales. For example:

water spray with npk pan granulation

Pan Granulator for Small Scale NPK Granules Manufacturing

If you only plan to start a small scale NPK fertilizer pellets making, we recommend you choose pan pellet machine. A disc granulator can produce 1-6 tons of NPK pellets in an hour. In addition, its granulation rate can reach over 93%. That is, when you use the same amounts of N, P, K to prepare compound fertilizer particles, disc pelletizer can help you granulate more chemical fertilizer powder. There is less material that needs to be returned to re-regulate, so you can finish small scale NPK pelleting effectively.

Rotary Drum Granulation Machine for Large Scale NPK Granulation

But for those who want to produce NPK pellets in a large scale, rotary drum granulator is a better choice. There are two reasons. For one thing, it has a larger capacity, which can reach 30 t/h. So it can help you finish large scale NPK granulation more quickly. For another, this fertilizer machine is designed with rubber lining, angle irons and cleaning holes. They greatly contribute to reducing the possibility of wall sticking. Therefore, drum pelletizer can withstand the erosion of a large amount of chemical materials processing.

Use drum granulator to make npk pellets

NPK Pelletizer Cost as a Reference for your Choice

In addition, in the process of choosing NPK fertilizer granulator, cost is also an item you must focus on.

Disc NPK Granulator Price
Drum NPK Pelletizer

In general, when you plan to buy disc NPK fertilizer granulator for your fertilizer production line, you need to prepare about $1,000-$16,000 for it. How about drum NPK granulation equipment? The price of a rotary drum pellet making machine is $7,200-$69,000.

If you think these machines costs are unsatisfied, we can also provide you with a more economical NPK fertilizer pelleting machine-double roller granulator.

Its quote is usually $3,000-$12,000. It is higher than disc pelletizer, right? However, if you want to setup a NPK fertilizer making line at a low cost, double roller fertilizer granulator will be your best choice. It only needs $25,000-$150,000. Because it adopts dry granulation method, which mainly makes use of extrusion force between two roller to turn powder NPK into granules. This means that there is nearly no water involved in the whole NPK fertilizer making process. So you don’t need to spend money on drying machine and cooling equipment.

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