Chicken Litter Pellets Processing Machine

SX company indeed has rich experience in manufacturing chicken manure organic fertilizer pellets making machine. Chicken litter pellets processing machine makes the pellets have two obvious advantages compared with other factories. They not only keep the high nutrients of fresh chicken manure, but also has cheap price by the mass scale production and low raw material cost.

In this way, we propose two types of granulation machines of chicken manure especially for you: drum granulation machine and pan granulating machine. Drum granulating machine is much suitable for your large scale chicken litter pellets production, it can make chicken dung pellets 1-30 tons per hour. While pan granulator is much suitable for high granulation rate, which is up to 93%.

Here is more detailed information about their current models, granulation processes and working method. You can also see the reasons that people choose our chicken manure fertilizer pelletizer and the real case of our customers.


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Designs of Chicken Litter Fertilizer Pellet Processing Machines in Our Factory

The machine’s structure can not only show machine’s function and working method, but also our factory’s strength in a certain way. Thus, it would be better if you read this part carefully. Below is the structure for chicken waste fertilizer drum granulation machine.

What’s the advantages of this type of chicken waste pellets processing machine design?

granulator for chicken manure pellets

It improves the pellet sizes’ making process. The pan’s angle is usually fixed for machine’s stable running. However, the slope angle of the large plate can adjust according to your needs. Angle spacers are used for flexible and convenient adjustment. Chicken litter pellets processing machine, when it works, there are two ways for you to adjust the granules’ size to illustrate: You can control the water spray system to control the raw material moisture. The other way is by controlling the slope angle. You can regulate the granulator slop angle to regulate the final granules size. Usually, you granulate the minimum 1-4mm size granules of good quality that can be 90% and without recycling.

The Hot Sale Disc Granulating Machine for Chicken Litter Use Wet Granulation Method

Chicken manure disc granulator equipment is the hot sale type for making chicken dung pellets. There are usually 12 disk granulation models to chicken pellets processing machine for you to choose.

The pans’ diameter and height are different. The smallest pan diameter is 500 mm and the lowest pan height is 200 mm. And the largest pan diameter is 3600 mm, the highest pan height is 450 mm. We can also design it according to your needs.

All in all, its production capacity can up to 0.02-6 tons per hour. It’s suitable for all scales chicken manure fertilizer granules production.

pan granulator for chicken manure fertilizer

This hot sale chicken manure pellet machine uses wet granulation. The raw materials’ moisture requirements are 45%.

If the moisture is too low, it’s harder to form ball-shape, and then the productivity will be much lower. However, if the moisture is too high, there will be bigger ball-shape granules. So the moisture control is very important.

We provide hose and sprinklers to make them increase moisture at a certain amount and a fixed time. It makes sure the appropriate moisture with a low cost.

What Need To Pay Attention To Make Chicken Manure Into Pellets?

Our chicken pellets processing machine uses wet granulation. The raw chicken poop needs to be 50%-60%. If you add less water into the materials, the smaller size granules you will get; if you add more water, the bigger size granules you can get. We can help you to formulate water-adding plans to control the moisture content.

Nitrogen in the chicken dung will be lost because of high temperature. As we use wet granulation to make chicken waste pellets, rotary drum dryer and cooler are important and necessary equipment in the granulating production line. We can provide you some methods and ways to adjust the temperature etc. to keep high nutrients in chicken waste. Your pellets will have competitive advantages in the fertilizer market by choosing our rotary drum granulating machine and pan granulating machine.

Two Usages of Chicken Manure Fertilizer Made by Our Granulation Machines

  • We can make chicken manure fertilizer pellet by our granulating machine.

The chicken waste organic fertilizer production line is always our main product. Chicken manure pellets are helpful to the farmland and crops growth. As there are many nutritional ingredients exist, which are necessary for the growth, bloom and bear fruit. They have extreme high economic values.

  • Our granulating machine can also turn chicken manure into fuel pellets.

We can also make chicken manure furl pellets. The dried chicken manure takes longer than wood to burn but not too much. It gives off a good heat and it last longer than your expectation. The  chicken manure pellets’ burn lasting time is between cedar and oak. If you have interests or questions, our customer service can provide you a much more comprehensive information for you.

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