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Disc pelletizer for sale is one hot sale type in organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation machines. The machine is an overall arc structure. In this way, you add raw materials into the pan, and then start granulation under the function of the pan’s rotating. The process ends with the suitable size of pellets getting out of the pan. The granulation rate is up to 93% significantly. Besides, we can make all scales and all sizes pellets according to your needs. Browse the articles below for getting more details about the disk fertilizer granulator equipment.


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Our Pan Fertilizer Pellet Machinery’s Designs and Functions

The granulation tray is equipped with three outlets, which is convenient for intermittent production operations. Besides, the reducer and motor are driven by flexible belts to reduce the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment. The bottom of the granulation tray is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is durable. Thus, heavy, thickened, and solid base makes machines operate stably. The main gear of the granulator adopts high-frequency quenching, and the service life doubles in this way. The granulated face plate is lined with high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics, which are anti-corrosion and durable.

These designs improve the pan fertilizer pellet equipment functions mainly from these aspects:

How disc pelletizer for sale works in our factory?

Before buying our disc pelletizer for sale, you may want to have a look at how pan fertilizer granulator machinery works. And you are welcome to our factory in Xingyang, Henan. Therefore, you can see how disc pelletizer works and ask questions directly to our employees and engineers.

From your specific operation aspects, firstly, you need to adjust the blade mixing structure. The distance between blade and bottom should be 5-10 mm. Don’t forget to screw the bolt tightly. Secondly, you can add the raw materials. As long as the materials don’t spill over the pan, it is enough. Thirdly, you can turn on the sprinkler valve and increase the moisture for granulation. Lastly, you can wait for the formed pellets get out of the pan automatically.

From the machine’s working method, the raw materials powder is mixed evenly by pre-adding water, and then put into the pan. With the rotation of the pan, the materials gradually roll in the pan and form spherical shape pellets. After reaching a predetermined diameter, it is discharged out of the pan and then transported to the next process. And that is the whole procedure for disk fertilizer granulator machine works.

Why so Many Fertilizer Manufacturing choose Disc pelletizer to Make Granules Fertilizer?

From past data, we found that many fertilizer suppliers buy disc granulator for their fertilizer pellets production plants. Why? From the feedback of our customers, we summarized three reasons as follows:

disc pelletizer for sale

Various Types of Pan Granulators for your Choice

To fully meet the requirements of ferilizer suppliers, we especially design disc pelletizers with different capacities. Therefore, when you need small laboratory ferilizer pan granule machine, we can offer you SXYZ-1500, which has a minimum output of 0.5 t/h. And for those who want to dispose of animal manure in the farm, we can offer you disc granulator with a capacity up to 6 t/h, that is, SXYZ-3600.

High Granulating Rate

Our disc granulation machine has a high granulating rate of over 93%. This means this pellet machine can produce more required fertilizer pellets with the same amounts of raw materials. So you can complete process fertilizer powder into granules quickly and reduce the material waste.

Granulation Rate

Favourable Price

The favourable price is also an important advantage which attracts fertilizer production businesses to purchase pan pelletizer. Generally speaking, the price of a disc granulator is $ 1,000- $ 16,000. Why does it has such an economical price? For one thing, it has a compact design and a capacity of 0.5-6 t/h. The smaller the capacity, the lower the price. For another, SX is a source factory for fertilizer equipment manufacturing. So there is no extra charge during the transaction.

Two Months To Have A Disk Fertilizer Pelletizer Production Line for A Customer in Indonesia

One of our customers is in Indonesia. The customer knew our company on the website and communicated a lot with our employee on October 23th. The customer stressed that the key is raw materials. Then the customer was going to visit our factory in November.

After visiting, the customer set the plant line approximately. As our employee communicated with the customer about the materials and details well, and solved the customer’s most problems and worries, we gave the customer quotation soon on November 28th.

Later, the customer negotiated with our employee more about the quotation.

On December 13th, customer gave the payment for the disk fertilizer granulator making machine production line. It only costs two months for Indonesian customers to have a disc fertilizer granulator machinery plant.

The most important reason is that we have rich experience in selling fertilizer production lines on the base of factories. Whatever problems and puzzles are welcome and our employees are going to solve them soon at our highest level. High efficiency and high quality service are obvious advantages of our disc pelletizer foe sale.

disc granulator production line


  • 1.What is the particles size of crushed compost to be fed to disc granulator?

    About 50 mesh.

  • 2.What is the finish compost granules size here?

    1-8mm, and can be adjusted.

  • 3.What added material used here to make compost granular in pan pelletizer?

    Usually water.

  • 4.How many minutes is it from powder to pellet?

    5-8 minutes.

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