In general, if you want to make organic fertilizer pellets from biomass material, you need to dispose of biomass material with the following steps. Including dewatering, crushing, mixing, granulation and packaging. Through these steps, you can choose to make biomass material into granular fertilizer freely. Then on 6th August 2023, a customer from Russia wanted to know how to make biomass pellets? And what equipment is suitable for producing biomass granules? For this, in order to help him finish biomass pellets manufacturing easier and faster, SX especially designs various fertilizer processing machines for his choice. You must can find the most suitable plan for your biomass granules production.


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Which Granulator is Suitable for Biomass Pellets Making?

For processing biomass material into pellets for burning material, SX can provide you with various granulators. Then how to choose the best biomass granules pelletizer for you? In this process, capacity is an item you must focus on. For example, the customer from Russia wanted to purchase a pelletizing machine of five tons per hour capacity. For this, we recommend you choose SXPM-600 flat pellet mill.

flat die granulation for biomass pellets

How to Remove Excessive Water from Your Biomass Material?

Biomass Moisture
Feeding Material Moisture

This Russian client asked us how to reduce the moisture content of biomass material. Because the suitable moisture content of feeding material of flat die pellet mill is 8%-12%. But the biomass material has a water content of 50%. Here, you can use dewatering machine, which can remove excessive moisture from organic materials quickly and easily. Moreover, if you want to reduce more moisture content before granulation, drier and cooling machine are your optimum options. They will help you adjust the water content of your biomass material to below 14%.

What Other Equipment you Need to Make Biomass Granules?

This customer from Russia wanted to buy a biomass pellets plant to process his materials. So we recommended other equipment to help him improve granules quality. Besides the above equipment, there are other machines for your choice:

Grinder for Biomass Material

For biomass material crushing, SXFLF-600 new type vertical crusher is your best choice. It can grind 3-5 tons of biomass materials into finer powder per hour. It is beneficial for subsequent biomass pellets production. Moreover, because this machine is highly adaptable to biomass material with high moisture content. When you process a large amount of biomass material, it is not easy to block and can discharge material smoothly.

vertical type crusher for biomass pellets
rotary sieve machine for biomass granules

Screening Unqualified Pellets

Screening machine can separate qualified biomass granules from the unqualified. So you can return unqualified biomass pellets to reprocess to reduce material waste. If you need a screener with an output of 1-5 t/h, we recommend you buy SXGS-1240 rotary screener.

Packaging Equipment for Biomass Granules

Finally, you need small scale packaging equipment. In this case, we recommend you choose single bucket automatic bagging scale. It can help you pack finished biomass pellets into 25 kg/bag or 50 kg/bag quickly. Then you can sell them to your customers in a targeted way.

manure bagging for biomass granules

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